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i heart macro

I heart macro

Happy Macro Sunday!
Today was another good day, but there was sadness as we found a very little baby outside near the tree. I ran for the camera and he was so beautiful so full of life. So real. We had to go out and I spoke to my husband about taking him to a wildlife center. Sadly when we came home he had died. So little, so real so alive and now hes gone. That really stung, it still does. To see such an innocent life gone. Now I feel bad I did not take him earlier, but I was unable. Here's the little fella. How beautiful. I'm so sad.

So after I had photographed him I went to take pictures of the roses. Just roses is all. Everyone has them right now. I cant wait till winter for pictures of icicles and snow from everyone!

I'm already thinking of the cold. Its so humid the air feels lie a sauna to breathe here.

Whoa a Grand-daddy picture!

 I love the lemon one! Wonder how the picture came out this big?!

God said in His word that "Not one sparrow falls without His knowledge" and so this is where Ive rested my heart tonight that this little one is in the arms of Love..

Be blessed!


It is a shame. Was it a dove?

Your pictures are amazing. What kind of camera do you use to get such beautiful shots?


Hi Needled, it is a Sony Cyber-shot full HD 1080 8.1 Mega Pixels. Its a nice camera and I use the Macro on it all the time! Thanks my shots are ok, but sometimes I see really beauties from other people!

Yes it was a dove. They fall by the dozens in spring time here in Texas. But I was surprised to see the young doves at this time of year.


Poor little bird. Nature can be cruel. Nice images.


Awww, Janet I'm sorry he didn't make it but you sure captured his beauty and sweetness! The rose is just beautiful! Incredible photos!!


that is a shame, poor little thing BUT you got some beautiful shots of him ;o)

I agree with your comments to Needled Mom....there are some really beautiful shots from other entrants...I aspire to get shots like that. My camera is only a Samsung ES19...nothing fancy but I {like you Janet} use macro on it all the time...I amaze myself with some of my shots, as I am not a photographer.... just point and shoot and hope for the best.

This weekly challenge has me HOOKED on taking macro pictures now and would LOVE a decent camera, one with a much better macro function!

Tell the lemon the same size as the pic....a giant! ha!


hello gorgeous xxx


Poor wee birdie, gorgeous pictures though.


How sad and so well spoken. Your photos are beautiful.


How sad that such a beautiful little life is over.


Love the pictures of the little bird. Sorry to hear that the day ended in sadness. I'm wishing for rain too. Can't remember when we last had any. Hope is comes soon! Have a blessed day!


It is a shame but you got such beautiful photos of him, he brought happiness to your day for a short time, so his life was really not in vain. His presence touched you. Beautiful


Your pictures are wonderful. I am so sorry for the little one...the rose is so beautiful too.


So sad but incredibly beautiful. Life is tragic but out of tragedy, you have found magic. Love your shots.


Your photos are gorgeous, Janet! I'm sorry that the little dove didn't make it but he's in god's hands now. I love the macro of the feathers, just beautiful. Also, I don't have any roses in in my yard so it is so nice to see the photos of yours. The roses are such a soft beautiful color.


The whys? Of life?!
He sleeps forever now under the big 12 foot wide rosebush climber by the fence now. *sigh*

hello gorgeous the Lemon pic I dont know I even got that pic to be that big it just unloaded on the page like that lol! Monster Lemon hahahaa!

Thank you so for your really nice and thoughtful comments! I miss that little life. This life cannot be a vapor then gone. I know he went over into Love!


Beautiful pix Janet - the details that the little baby dove have left behind for us to gaze in wonder at are just amazing. The roses are wonderful too, such genteel colours.


Janet, your post really touched me. I have such a soft spot too for animals. I'm sorry about the sweet little bird, but I'm glad you captured him in your beautiful pictures. Over the weekend I saw a woman trying to catch an injured bird with a towel - she was wearing scrubs so she must have been a healthcare professional. It's heartwarming to know there are people out there who truly take the time to care, and to pause over the loss of a small bird. You are such a compassionate soul, dear friend.


Hi I think I was suppose to find your blog. I was singing One Eyed Purple People Eater today on my way to Gem Fair. OHHHH don't ask why. LOL
You have a great blog


Your pictures are amazing! Yes Nature can be cruel but he still was able to leave an imprint on your heart!