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i heart macro!

i heart macro!
My linens from Scotland
that once adorned many a table..

Lampwork glass from Blue Moon Glassworks..

studio waterstone

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Today I am thinking on..
John 3:16


OMG the still my heart!!
And all the colorful glass is just inspiring!


I love all the colors of the lampwork glass, so many possibilities, but the linen, oh my! The linen is so wonderful. I almost tried to reach through the screen to touch the lace. Beautiful!


There is nothing better than vintage linens! Although those glass rods do come in a close second, beautiful!


I love the shot of the linens! The vintage lace is so pretty. And the colorful lampwork glass great! I would really like to take a class, but don't have the space to set up a home studio.


A nice study in contrasts!


Oh wow D*R*O*O*L over that stack of linen! Great photos.


Amazing linens!!! All that glass must be Heavenly for you! XOXO Hope your haveing a great day!!!


The linens made me smile, my grandparents just moved house and their old linen cupboard looked like this, now I have most of it and have idea what to do with it. Most of it was crocheted/ embroidered by my Great Great Granny!


Gorgeous! Love the beauty and past of delicate linens and so love the colorful glass! Also, a beautiful verse to think upon today! Everlasting Life! Awesome!


Janet, so sweet to see two of your loves here - your vintage linen and of course those beautiful rods of glass!