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I heart my Macro Lampwork Beads I cant help it..

Today's Sunday and I heart my Lampwork Beads!
(can't help it!)

Ive been torching and cleaning beads to go to their new homes. As silly as it might sound it gave me so much pleasure matching up colours and sizes! Some pretties have gone to a dear close friend..I hope she loves them! And more have flown off to Sweden. So I'm torching more beads this week and then Ill be listing beads  for the 1st time for sale in My Singingwoods Shop! Excited!

Not much is new..heat in the 90s everyday and so many mosquito's everywhere..its so chronic here in Houston.
We are still in a severe drought as its only rained 1 time Id say in 5 months. I don't want to say what my water bill was! There were no fireworks allowed this year and not a peep did we hear. I'm sure many were afraid of stiff fines. Ouch!

Studio Waterstone

Happy Sunday and I hope
you have a great day!


It is easy to understand :)they look lovely !


they look fantastic Janet! Looking forward to your shop's grand opening!!


I ♥ your beautiful lampwork beads also, Janet!


They look so yummy!!! Remember just a few months ago you were so mad at them? Look how far you have come!!! : D


You should Janet, they are lovely!


I can see why you heart them....they are so beautiful. Beautiful picture.


I'm so excited to actually have a photo this time for I Heart Macro!

You are getting SO GOOD at this!


They are lovely, Janet! I'm so glad to see your lampworking is progressing so beautifully! Can't wait to see the pretties you will be selling in your shop!


Lori I appreciate that Lampwork comment bc your a Lampwork artist too!

Thank you very much everyone! xx


Love your lampwork! I found you via the I ♥ Macro entries! Newest follower and can't wait to see more of your blog!

Have a TERRIFIC week!


Beautiful! They look good enough to eat. You must be so proud to have such wonderful beads to fondle. :)


Thank you your comments Rock!


a fabulous box of gorgeous-ness to dive into! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx


Oh Janet I heart your beady goodness too! You have come so far with them and you are on one gorgeous inspiration streak! Hugs!