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Springtime Treasures!

My Springtime faves!

As the girls I worked with in Scotland in the Nursing home would say its"Col outside".. Aberdonian slang! Brrr its so great because one day here its 68 or 70 and then 5 days later its 46. So cold here is always so welcomed because it just never seems to stay very long! So in this cold I think of springtime and the little ducks and chicks I raised on my little 10 acre farm. And. there. is. Nothing like it!

Here are some great finds I hope you Enjoy them like I have! And I will have to be careful to buy something!


This is from JulieWhitmorePottery and everything Julie makes is a Treasure!
Unfortunately her things fly from her shop must really watch her shop. Julie can be found HERE..

This little one needs to come to my house...precious!

A print which speaks to Ones self..

A pattern by TinyOwlsMagicAttic..

Tasha Tudor wrote many beautiful books and her art was a small smidgen of Heaven!

Nan Emmett makes Wonderful Owl beads!

Honestly if other people can knit I can too. This pattern Is. it. not. lovely!

Little people making pies in this house!

This woman has such talent in her paintings! This may have to be a purchase, her Art takes my breath away..
Her name is KarenDavis and she can be found here at Etsy..

This is a little hand felted book by beautifulplace.
She hand knits bags, scarves, shawls and books just all things of beauty!


NOW off to Lampwork!
Have a great day and count your blessings today!


Happy New Year, Janet! Oh, what wonderful treasures abound! I am in love with that fox. They are one of my favorite animals.

Sending love this day for a Happy 2011!


Sheila :-)


Happy New Year Janet!!
Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I don't usually feel quite so bleak but it was one of those things.
I have a list of things I would like to do one day and one of them is to try lampwork. It looks like so much fun and very creative.
I am still making - jewellery, embroidery, altered stuff, but I decided that my mind needed feeding as well so I have started a philosophy course which I am enjoying - I am thinking so hard it hurts!! But I have plenty of creative ideas as well so will keep going.
I will try to keep in touch more regularly. For my silence - please forgive me. And have a great 2011.



Thanks for following me here too! Sue xoxoxz


Happy New Year, Janet!
Thank you for sharing these beautiful, beautiful finds! Many artists I had not heard of before.
Have a fantastic weekend & I hope the weather warms up for you! We have snow coming soon in our forecast.


Thank you guys for your Comments! They are so appreciated!