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Heres my design for last years BLOG PARTY and Im really happy to have my new partner!

The BLOG SOUP Party has arrived!

The BEAD SOUP PARTY has arrived again this year and its so exciting to be a part of it!
210 talented women and men will have their names swapped by the creator of this wonderful Soup~Lori Anderson .

This was my last years entry 
for the BEAD PARTY.. 

My lovely partner WAS Kimberly Roberts of 
Bahama DawnI got to know Kimberly and we are now friends. We had so much fun with this!  

Im so happy to say that this year Ive been assigned to Angela Blasingame of HOPEMORE! Angela makes some lovely pendants. Check her out!

Here are the dates on the BEAD PARTY start and finish dates..

So I will gather up a Great selection of beads soon and send them out on the designated date of January 28.

Let the bead Soup begin!

(PS. This is so exciting!) 


So excited! An email is headed your way. While I should be updated my own blog I want to spend time reading yours!


Hi, I'm visiting from over at Angie's blog. I don't make jewelry but I sure love the things that Angie makes!

The party the two of you are in sounds like lots of fun. I can't wait to see all the creations! Your design from last year was fabulous! Love it!!


Angie your focals are so lovely! Im so happy You are my partner!

Thank you Marie for your compliment! It was so much fun running to and fro and looking at what everyone did. Commenting on a zillion blogs and now I will have to comment on 210 of them. lol


What fun!!! I can't wait until it stops snowing here so I can get my partner her goodies!


can't wait to see all the reveals on the 26th!