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A New direction in an always HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In 2011 I am looking for unfussy days!
For My heart to soar..

Life is what we put into it right? Yes to a large degree, but in 2011 I am going to live less stress fully. Ive made some great jewellery but not sold alot, still I have been thankful! I have had some really nice people come to my Blog and comment. But I have been frustrated as I have not sold more jewellery. Maybe my prices were a bit high? Maybe I put too many elements into them forking out too much into one piece? But Ive made the best I could with genuine materials. It could be the economy? But maybe sometimes it is what it is as I am not the only person selling things. Ive not taken the time to submit to any Jewellery publications which I would like to do. And maybe I will in my time. I'm just going to BE ME. And if my jewellery supplies are low and I am out of everything I will not fret. Constant monies out. My hats off to those who can keep up! Ive wound down now and I just don't have the energy to keep up with it. LUCKILY I have been able to finally realize my Dream and start my Lampworking (yes talking about that again bear with me). This will be my main FOCUS now and really it gives me a big sigh of relief. I have alot of jewellery I have now made and love as a result so...

So in 2011...

* I'm going to strive to walk with the Lord more! Careful to be thankful for everything.

* I am going to be ME and follow what my heart says and not try to keep up with things like buying and selling of jewellery..

* I read beautiful Blogs but I am not going to be on the internet all the time chasing after dreams and hope people will follow me. Yes I would love for people to comment etc, but maybe this will be a natural progression and blossom. If NOT that's ok too I can live with that..

* I will be working on my Lampwork full time. It is a bit daunting at times but this is my GOAL..

* Take more time with some family dinners with my family at my home or going out with them.

* I'm going to strive to volunteer at a rescue shelter for animals that are neglected and abused...

* I am going to walk everyday rain or shine!

* I am going to draw more and feel the things I draw pulse thru my veins..

* I cook more simple meals..and eat less..

* I will strive to read my Bible everyday and take much needed time for God..

* I will embrace those who love me and try not to be judgemental..who knows how God is doing a work that I cannot see?

* I will STOP and smell the roses and be who I AM and be the best ME..

And that's it!



I am so with you on your goals :-) good luck!


Janet- good for you - I love that you are throwing off the pressures and just living for yourself. And even more- I admire that you put it out there for everyone to see. I wish you great success in this coming year- doing whatever makes your heart the happiest.


Hi Janet! You and I have some similar goals. I think that when we strive for something and get so wrapped up in things that we can warp ourselves into a reality that is not what we had hoped. It sounds like your new perspective will be the trick! I plan to walk and to learn how to draw! I have my first assignment for the online drawing lab/community that I have joined. I am excited to begin!

Enjoy the day! And the New Year!


I think it's good to have goals like this. I've realized a long time ago to quit wishing for things that are out of my control (although it's hard for me, you know). If you like lampwork (isn't it addictive?) focus on that and then make jewelry with your own beads!

Doing craft shows is a great way to get your name out there and get customers. Maybe this year, while you're taking a breather from the stress of listing jewelry, you can research shows? I think is a source you could use.

BEST WISHES to you and I wish you the utmost success and peace!


Good for you! My favorite is to stop and smell the roses because there is so much to be missed if we don't!


It is 19 degrees here this morning~ in Missouri. We have colder temps coming yet. Tonight we are to get to -4 below. We have snow moving in too. I may be snowed in for a couple days. I don't mind it~if I can stay in.
Hope you have a wonderful day~
New Year Blessings~


Thank you guys! Its hard Not to Blog! It takes alot of time! But then it is hard not to read cherished blogs too. I need to torch 3 to 4 hrs a day and its hard to do it all. Thank you so much for your comments! ox