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The birds have been fed and the squirrels too

The birds have been fed and the squirrels!

They have all been equipped to stay warm...God Bless them all..

See these green guys? They are Quaker parrots that have either escaped or been set free. They are not native to the US. They are able to endure many winters in cold places due to their whopping nests they make, to stay warm. Often times their nests which can be as big as 3 to 4 feet wide are torn down by power companies in some cities because they build them in the transformers high in the power poles. Ive got a green guy like these guys. Hs name is "Cheeky".... most mornings he says "your a big banana or good morning my darling"..he is such a pleasure. He will try to bite me at times but my husband can do anything with him. He is indeed a Cheeky Monkey! I am so glad he doesn't have to endure the cold winters. We get him every morning from his cage and he is shivering a bit, so this must be his way to stay warm. But he does have Cherub his companion too. They are out of the cage as much as possible when no one is home, as they go after the boys, and they aren't trying to play! Tho I love my parrots dearly I would never consider buying parrots from a store or breeder again. Sadly one must find these things out after owning them. Parrots are flock animals and are very emotionally needy for the owner most of the time. So it is my feeling that it is just not fair to cage these beautiful creatures for captivity. We do let them out an awful lot and let them be free and happy. As the Bible says that man will have "dominion" over the animals, some should not be procreated for man are my feelings. But the little green Monster Cheeky is very happy to run around under the covers in the bed and pop around with my husband! We learn and do the best we can!

My daughter rescued a squirrel many years ago and we raised "Perri"..

My daughter gave me the link to how many animals are treated like the fox that are trapped and grown to become fur for people. But if I go into details it will make some people upset. I just joined PETA and am looking into some more options.

What gifts its always whats free that in the end are the greatest gifts..


As a feral cat colony manager, it grieves me to know end to realize that there are many, many non-native animals that are bought as pets and then "released." People don't realize what they are contributing to the problems of animal overpopulation and deaths.


Such sweet little creatures!


I agree with your feelings on caged birds. Some good points here. Your pictures are really nice.


Your photos are lovely and your points well-made. I hope the new year brings you health and happiness. Blessings...Mary


Thank you for your Comments! I would never buy any parrots again as they shouldnt be raised for selling, but that is My opinion. Theyre so emotionally needy and to cage them is wrong and now that I have them I have seen this in their lives. They are ever so patient to be let out..bless them. I dont agree with letting species not native to the US to be let loose.


Your photos are so pretty and I totally agree with you! I really like your blog and have been having fun reading over your posts. Look so forward to reading more.