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Such a Wonderful Giveaway!!

A very Generous Giveaway!!

Wow look at all of this!

Andrew Thornton is having a really Wonderful Giveaway to Celebrate the 4 year Anniversary of his Blog! So many lovely things! Here is the link...go on over and have a lookie here!

Andrew Thornton is a talented jewellery designer and his family owns Green Girl Studios.

Andrew is always doing Something!

If not cooking mouth watering meals, hes out in his garden or writing about how he fits and feels about the Universe, and always very heartfelt things said..

he is such a lovely man...


Janet, thanks for the heads up! :-) I agree, Andrew is seriously talented both with jewelry design and with his cooking...I've seen some amazing-looking meals on his blog!


Wow some really lovely stuff. Hope you win! Hehe.


Hi janet, thanks for your comment! Andrew is so generous, isn't he?