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May your Fourth of July be Blessed with all of this!

***Happy Fourth of July!***

May you be Blessed this 4th of July with many good things! Fireworks..maybe a picnic or a day at the beach or even in The Lords house!

Maybe you will have some pretty All American Jewellery on!

Maybe you'll go to a hometown Parade..

and see many wonderful sights!

Much Fun and fancy!

And some of this for the kiddies!

What ever you do be Blessed! For we live in the Land of the Free and Home of the brave! And I thank our Lord for all of these freedoms..the money and jobs, lots of food, jewellery supplies and the Love of our families!

Have a wonderful day!


Thanks Sweetie!! oxo


Oh my gosh that stilt man scares me! I'm so afraid of heights.


What a wonderful post! We are truly blessed in this nation. Thanks, Janet!


That a fantastic post~ Thank you for taking time to post such wonderful pictures. Love 'em!


It sounds like your 4th was nice and relaxing. The pictures you selected her are so festive and wonderful (and make me happy!.


Thank you for these comments you guys are great!


Janet, for some reason this is just now coming up on my Google Reader, so I'm late wishing you a Happy Fourth.

I hope that your holiday was wonderful and that each day will be filled with so many blessings your hands and your heart can't hold them all!

Love that shot of the balloons!

God is GOOD!


Sheila :-)


Hey Shiela! Geesh Ive had a time with my blog! The pic of my Grandmother picture and what it said *Grandmothers are the Cookies of life came up forever lol! A glitch I was finally able to remove!


beautiful...and I love those turquoise beads! gorgeous!

thanks for sharing!

ciao bella
creative carmelina


Beautiful photos of beads dear friend - you are amazing with your photography. I love your angel also!



beautiful!! I love me some RAKU!! those teal green rounds are awesome. gotta go see if they're still in the shop!