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My friend Artisan Ceramic bead maker is having a SALE!

A Lovely SALE!

This is a Blog about a very talented Artisan who makes handmade bead ceramics and jewellery (click here----->) Gaea Cannaday Gaea lives in a small town in Sunny California and I sure wish I lived near her! She is so very talented and often appears in various magazines. Her ceramics really hit the spot with me..everythings beautifully handmade. I urge you go and check her out!! She makes such earthy beads. The piece above is what I just snagged! (I work to buy beads!)

* *I really admire the Lampworkers for their time, ideas and beautiful beads. The classes they take to hone their skills. It takes so much time to learn the many aspects of Lampwork...

** The seed beaders as they take so much time and create beautiful pieces...

**The Ceramic Artisans because they make wonderful pieces from the thoughts spinning round in their head..

**And the Metal Artisans who must take time to learn their skills, make mistakes and keep on working hard..

And Gaea is having a SALE today and is starting to list more beads!! Yes I make jewellery but when someone is good, talented as well as really kind I feel they need credit due. She is One sweet woman!

Have a great day!

"For the eyes of the Lord are busy running to and fro over the earth"...
2 Chronicles 16:9


Enjoy your new piece. Blessings.


Thank you for YOUR time today! It is always a pleasure speaking with a positive, happy person like you! Thanks for the mention too!


Lovely beads! Don't spend too much haha!!


Thanks, Janet, for mentioning Gaea today. I just bought several things from her shop. Having a degree in ceramics and being a potter for 15 years, I know quality when I see it ... and I see it!


Thank you yall I really appreciate your comments! ox


I just went and bought! Thanks for the head's up!


Thank you for the comments
I really appreciate them! I need more moneys a tree I suppose! Her beads are so wonderful.


Janet, thanks for the heads up...although I may be too late. :-) I have always admired Gaea's ceramic and beautiful.


Cindy the sale is still going on new things everyday it seems...its so easy to drop too much $ in Jewellery!


OH, this is so lovely!


Sheila :-)


Wow...just wonderful!! i really love it! pretty colors.