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A Great Giveaway!

A Great Giveaway!

Fellow Artisan Andrew Thornton who makes beautiful jewellery is hosting a Giveaway! I know some of you don't make jewellery but this is a lovely Lampwork bead and for those who don't you can put this on a nice Sterling Silver chain!

For more information on this Giveaway go to Andrews page here!


Otherwise it is rainy in Houston raining all day and that's so nice because the suns not blaring open wide as it usually does..change is always so Welcome!!

Have a Great Day!!


Oh, that is lovely! What a pretty piece!


Sheila :-)


I love the colors in this, very nice. How's your beadmaking coming along?


It is pretty and a great giveaway bc its expensive!

Magpie thanks!

Moondancer beadmaking? Aww sucking all the money it is lol!
Then I want to keep all the necklaces! Its hard bc alot of the time so much of handmade jewellery is one of a kind and its hard to part with :(

Thanks kaozz : - )


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