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Im soooo out of the Loop! Family calls me away and some New beads!

I'm so busy with my family now and Ive gotten no Blogging in. Not being able to write on everyones lovely Blogs. I'm so sorry for that too! I have missed everyone and their Blogs! So this week I will catch up on everyone's Blogs!

But I have managed to torch a bit. 

Here are some new Beads..

Have a lovely day!


love those eyes on the beads!


Ooh, they are all beautiful! Especially love the first set! Have a great week!


Just beautiful! Love the fall colors of the last set ;)


Those are some mighty purdy beads!!!


Very impressive creations, Janet!


LOVE the colors! Gorgeous as always!


Thank you so much! Im so sorry I have not been able to Blog for weeks. :-(
But I am back and will catch up. So many huggs! oxxxxx


wonderful beads Janet ..all of them!!


Hi Janet,

Your beads are lovely. You're so talented.

I bet it's nice creating your own beads.


First time visitor. Love the beads!
Interested in purchasing, but have no Etsy account (don't want one). If you sell directly to a buyer, as do many other jewelry/bead artists, please LMK. Thank you.


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thanks :)


Those are really cute!

I sure hope whoever in this neighborhood has the bead box is having a good time with it. :-(


Thank you so! Lori yes that Box was stolen..:-( Such a shame..


Nice to see you back here! The beads are gorgeous!