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Bead Table Wednesday Pictures pictures..yes!

Where have the days gone? Where have I been anyway?
And I said this in my last Blog too. But things have been turned sideways in my life, things I cant talk about here. But never the less life is so good anyway. So I have come back into Blogging and I have missed reading some really treasured blogs! Ive come back as well to very sad news and lives changed. If only I could change things in peoples lives. But I can pray and this is what I will do. 

And So..Christmas is upon us and I'm glad its a quiet and peaceful one. I haven't gone gone crazy doing alot of shopping plus the money tree dried up in the Texas drought this summer! Just quiet and goodness. Life is good! I'm my absence Ive had a few close friends ask where are you Janet and lovely Birgitta called me from Sweden. Fine wine!

So today is Bead Table Wednesday! And whats on my Table? I haven't blogged nor torched in two months and I'm so over joyed to torch again! Also I will take a private lesson from my lovely friend Helen Simon who is the Master of Lampworking. Ecstatic isn't the word. I'm so blown away I cant wait!

These are my purple torched beads that will fly off to Holland for some lovely people in my life..


Bead table Wednesday? My studio needs a really big clean. I need to call the elves?! This is the worst mess yet..

Today I wish you peace and joy..and then healing that only the good Lord and time can bring!


My desk looks exactly the same!!! XOXO missed you - I am glad you are back and I've said it before but your purples are to die for! XOXO


Missed you! Welcome back! And oh, my, lovely baubles you've made there :)


I've missed you!! I love love love the swirly purples! So glad you're back! XO


That is a beautiful mess! And a beautiful mess of beads! It is good to see you and looking forward to see what new you will do! xo


Ha! I don't feel so bad now! Mine looks like that but with metal. Welcome back! Those purple beads are especially luscious.


My whole house looks like that. Lovely beads.


Lots of lovely beads there Janet :)
welcome back!!
and I love that mess...looks like my table just different things on it lol xxx B


I've never been fond of purple as a color, but your beads are just gorgeous!

My bead table needs a thorough cleaning too. It seems that most studios are predestined to be messy before they are clean.

I pray things settle down for you, and that peace will come your way.

Have a Blessed Christmas!


I'm so happy to see you're back Janet! And your beads keep getting lovelier and lovelier! If we were closer I'd love to come help you organize your studio.

Take care!


Welcome back!I love the white beads too. And I wish they were as big as the picture!
Take care, Nancy