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The WINNER of The Sisterhood of The Traveling Bead Box

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Bead Box!

I tried 20 times for the Box! I know many people wanted to Win The Sisterhood of The traveling Bead Box, but there can be only 1 winner. But there is a 2nd runner up to the Bead Box too!

**The Winner of this Famous Box is..
the person who already has loads on her plate! It is Lori Anderson! As fate would have it fates dropped another good thing on to Loris lovely lap! Lori Anderson please send me your email address. I will contact you!

**The 2nd Winner is For My Sweet Daughter! This is for the bundle of beads..

I will contact you via your Blog!
A Happy time for a great bead Soup and winnings! Thank you everyone for all of your comments!


Congratulations to Lori and For My Sweet Daughter, have fun with your winnings.


Although I didn't win the box I am over the moon excited about your bundle of beads. WooHoo! Thanks.
Shannon C


Happy Dancing for both wonderful ladies!!


Congratulations! -What a wonderful contest. ;)


Shes so hard working this will be a challenge for Lori too in many ways! Congrats Lori!


Congrats Lori and Shannon! Now I will be haunting Lori's blog (not that I don't already)


Oooo...Lori you are a lucky girl! :)


And you too Shannon C enjoy those lovely beads!


Congratulations to Lori. I'm sooo happy for you!


Congratulation to Shannon, too! Lovely beads!


Congrats to the winners. It looks lovely.


Your bead works rocks!! I love how chucky they are and the color combo!

Lorraine :-}