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A time for Giving..and Another grand Give~Away!

My Paying it forward..and another Grand Give~Away! I mentioned in my last Blog entry I was making a necklace for my neighbors daughter as they are going to be foreclosed is what Ive made from my own Lampworked beads and Green Girl charms. This isn't supposed to be asymmetrical or intricate as I don't know Mayas Ive kept it basic and simple. But its sure
is purty when its on!  
(she is away to her Grandmothers right now..
I've written her a Note with it..I sure hope she 
likes it..)
I wish them God speed in their days ahead..

(the colours are the same, but I've just lightened up the background a bit. My camera loves to project the colour purple in backgrounds!)

Now for the Give~Away..
Andrew Thornton's gone to the big Bead and Button show and brought back a treasure trove of beads some of what hes giving away. So generous! They are really beautiful beads! Here is the LINK

What to do this weekend?
Houston's so bloomin hot its hard to get out to do anything! With the city and suburbs seemingly encased in concrete and asphalt I would say its got to be cooler in the countryside! 

Maybe well go pool shopping?! 
Sounds like a grand idea lol..
have a great one!


GORGEOUS necklace, Janet. I would say she's a lucky girl but it sounds like she's having unlucky times. Sweet of you to make this for her.


Hi Janet, Thanks so much for coming to my blog and commenting on MissFickle's components and my jewelry! That was so thoughtful of you to make this necklace and it will become a strong memory in the young girl's life! Gorgeous beads!


love that necklace!! did you make all the beads?


I can't imagine what it would be like to move from a pretty house to an apartment, but its happening so much today! Thank you Sally! You take good care now too xx


Missfickles amazing isnt she!? Thank you and your work is really lovely! Paino teacher all those years? Now Im super impressed!


Yes Miss Kimberly I made all the beads. Now Im struggling laying stringers..waaaa and its not fun. Ill be so glad when I have mastered handleing glass to many higher planes! The necklace I know isnt like exciting Bling but it was just meant to be beads, bc I dont know what she likes.


Oh Janet! I knew it would be a treasure and it sure is!


Kristen you are some kinda sweet! Always! xx


What a lovely post and wonderful place to live. You are blessed to have such a kind and giving father. Not everyone has that. Clarice