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Its time to Come UP for Air! My little Lampwork story..

Ever just get plain ol silly? 
Well if we don't I think we are indeed old! 
I Lampworked these beads and laughed when 
I showed my daughter *silly really My 
little story about my beads..

We had a great day at the beach!

It was really hot!

So we ran to the waters edge..
and jumped in the ocean!

The water felt cold after awhile, and we
were hungry so we ran up to the blanket..

and dug into the meringue pie Mother had made!

Oh and it was so good!

Here are my latest Lampworked beads, some of which may go to Sweden. But at any rate I'm working on the torch. Mornings are always exciting, you feel like a kid..Christmas it up and look inside. 

Ive got alot to learn! But its a journey I tell myself over and over again. Maybe Ill take another small class soon? Not sure. 
My good friend Kimberly from Bahama Dawn has invited 
me to come to Abaco in November. Shes having the lovely Lampwork instructor Cassie Donlen come. Wow Lampwork, the beach, shells..Kimberly and Cassie! And vegan food as Kimberly's a vegan! I hope to go!  


i hope you can come!!! your beads are wonderful!! keep at it!


oh what a lot of pretty beads.........Sweden hm....I dont know anything about that ;
violets my favos :)


What a great story and hey why Sweden I am so right here! LOL


I am SO SO SO SO proud of your lampwork! You are really going to go places with this.


Wooo Hooo - these are lovely Janet! Sounds like a fun trip!


Hey thank you guys! You Rock! ox


I love the story! I would totally go! I had the good fortune of meeting Cassie at the Bead & Button this past weekend. She is adorable and she makes the best beads ever! I would take a class if I could, so you need to go so I can live vicariously through you!
Enjoy the day!


Your lampwork is beautiful!