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i *heart macro* a Sunday thing and My Fathers Day..I miss you Dad


(its a Sunday thing!)

Here is Queens Anne Lace
so beautiful!

Did you know you can make a cake from the root of this " wild carrot" as it is sometimes called, and jelly as well. Its always been my favourest of flowers as it is seemingly fit for a Queen in all of its Glory!

Happy Fathers Day to everyone!

My Father is gone now how I miss him. He was such a good good man. I never heard him one time fuss at my Mother or ever say any cuss words. He gave me the best memories, and I wish I could once again thank him! 

We lived in the suburbs of NY when I was young. My Dad and I always loved the country so when he retired he bought this beautiful farm in Virginia. It had a stream that ran thru the bottom field covered by a small bridge so you could drive your car over. His fields over looked a vineyard and rolling hills. It was pretty breathtaking. 

This was one of his cats on the clothesline, but you can see one of the views he had from the house he had on top of the hill where he lived. He lived in a place called Fortunes Cove.

Theres my Dad Gordon sitting over on the far left and my little Jenny beside him peeking out. I was younger and pregnant to the right of them. Then my Grandfather from Norway and my Mother Dorothy. Sitting outside having a bite to eat. This was in SC, before moving to Virginia.

Here are Dads beloved cats Andrew and Dee Dee now long gone. How he loved cats! I think Dad is in Heaven now with these two and all of the Angels..

I miss you Dad!

Have a great Fathers Day!


sooo delicate!

I "get" how you miss your dad having lost mine only a few months ago ;o(


hello gorgeous xxx


What a wonderful tribute to your dad, he sounds like he was a wonderful man. Love all your photos, thank you for sharing!!


(((Big Hugs))) now that I actually have one I can't imagine loosing him! Where did you live in NY? I grew up in Westchester! XOXO


Thank you Sue! Im so so sorry that you just lost your Father. Its like noooo not now! I know. Its so suddenly without remedy. Many big huggs across the miles xx!


Thanks Kristi! Yea he was great. He was only 74 too young.


Patty thank you! Im so so happy for you that you found your Dad. Two parents make us "whole" dont they?! I was raised on Long Island. It was suberbia but we were 15 minutes from the beach so it was great. It was pretty awesome when they moved and had his land in Virginia.


Janet, what a beautiful Father's Day post. Your Dad sounds like a very special man and what memories he gave you. Thanks for posting the pictures from your past - it is so nice to reminisce and remember some of our happy times. What a sweet picture of your Dad's two beloved cats - reminds me of my Dad and his best friend, a Westie that we lost last June.


The Queen Anne's Lace is lovely -- and a lovely post about your dad.