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For the Love of a Dragon and his Jewellery horde..

What a Dragons horde..

Whilst messing about on facebook  last night I found this incredibly talented Artist Missy Oakley who brings Dragons to life. Look at these Dragons. The time she must put into these creations must be long, and the attention to detail. Missy uses DAS air dry clay and they are painted with acrylics. Wouldn't I like to be as a fly on the wall watching her! She does commissions. So I think I will put my order in today! Wouldn't that be something having one of these creatures on your wall?! I can only imagine the wonderfulness that goes on in Misty's head to create these. She also makes focals pictured below. This is one of her Blogs HERE and she is also on facebook.. So Ill leave you to look at some of her creations below..

Her focals too below..

Have a Great day creating! Me? To the torch I go..
I think Ill buy a packet of clay tomorrow lol..


Holy crow what talent! Just gorgeous work!!!


I know! Shes quite the Master!


Wow, those are gorgeous!


The dragons are really incredible.... I can only imagine how long one must take to create....such painstaking detail!
That jellyfish tutorial looks amazing!


I would love to have the last one that looks like a bird dyno!


Janet, what lovely things you said! I liked looking at my own photos, I rarely go back and visit my sights, I'm terrible about keeping up with with my stuff. Thank you so much! Talk to you soon.