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Bead Table Wednesday! And clean the house in 45 minutes whoa!

Its Bead Table Wednesday!

Is this a successful BTW?

Well yes and No. I torched these beads partly to go with GAEAS  Sweet as pie Balloon floating in the air focal. The sky colour is off. So I will use some of them for something else. Shucks I will have to scout around for a different greenish actually aqua background for the balloon. But none the less I made beads that I can use. So this will be back to the drawing board!

 Ill use some of the Sari Ribbons as pictured above. They were purchased from Etsy my other post tells where I purchased them HERE.

Un~matched in the greens but here's my BTW anyway!

**I seem to be so great at getting things NOT done. Now Ive got 20 minutes to clean my house before I torch!**
Something tells me I'm not going to make that happen!
(you know blogging, reading blogs, watering the grass, petting
the cat, on the phone...messing about)

So whats floating your Balloon today?

A Note:  I'm so THANKFUL that we were spared tornadoes where I live and shudder at whats happened in these Incredible twisters that have ravished many areas! Prayers out to all of the stricken families ox

Thank you for stopping by!


I think they are great! Love that focal too! I wish I could do my house in 20 minutes : P Let me know how that goes! LOL


You must have found that B12 liquid that I mentioned, lol!
Pretty beads!
I have a rod of "Green Tea" that looks like the background in the's an opaque color. If you're looking for a transparent, maybe Pale Aqua.


Those are very nice for summer! Lovely colors, you did a really great job.


Nothing like not getting the right color to HAVE to pick up your tools again! Darn! ; ) Too bad they are perfectly beautiful.


So colorful and beautiful!! All of them! Now I want candy after looking at these pictures..... :)


What yummy goodies you are working with! Are those some of your own lampworked beads? They're awesome! And don't you just love Gaea stuff? (thanks for for visiting my blog too! Isn't Patty the best?)


Thank you guys!! I know Patti lol..

Cynthia I must get B12 vitamins or go into a time machine and turn !8 again!

Jen xxx

Yea I have to get the right colour,
I just did not have it. Time to go to buy more Glass!

Thanks Yolanda!

Holly yes this is my Lampwork. Btw the yellow dots were not meant to be perfect they were dotted on hap hazardly. Patty she is Some kinda girl! Did you see on facebook the abbreviations she had up? That killed me lol.