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Bead Table Wednesday! Yes it is still Wed...and my Butterflys still in the Jar

Bead Table Wednesday..
Well it is still Wednesday!
Some good things here to write about..things
that bring happys...

This is the lamp on my Bead Table..I'm always sticking some of my Jewellery up there, looks kind of pretty!

Here are some wonderful beads I got in the post from Birgitta Lejonklou mailed from Sweden. So I waited with anticipation and they are just wonderful beads! She also included some great copper chain..which I love. Thank you Birgitta! The egg see that that's from Missficklemedia an Easter egg focal and it is lovely!

Another pic of Missficklemedias egg I had to run out and make a vine nest in the dark!

Close ups..yum!
The dime here shows the actual size..

Now this focal on my Necklace is one from Missficklemedia. Shannon makes wonderful patina findings.
Dragonfly's are from from Patina Queen.
Its a short necklace, a sweet piece to wear
and very lightweight..

Now look at this Monarch butterfly he is an early catch on my desk! My kids said on Mom how can you do that? And when I tap the glass he flies all about and even flaps his wings. Such a wonderful creature!

BUT he isn't real..I could never do that. My husband and I went to supper the other night at Cracker Barrel and they had these butterfly's in glass canning jars. This little guy is attached by a really really thin wire which goes up to the lid. When you tap the lid he wakes up. Second tap he flys around. He even flaps his wings opening and closing. Incredible. Ive got so much stuff already but he was a must. He makes me smile!

The BEAD SOUP Party was alot of fun. I did comment on all 210 of them. I thought that everyone did a great job with what they had and had to work with. Some had really fabulous beads sent and others maybe a bit not as showy. But everyone had something to show and the camaraderie was outstanding. 

Im so grateful to say my husband is out of hospital and doing great. Hopefully he is better on the straight and narrow now. His heart is in my hands anyway as well as Gods..

Enjoy yalls evening and or day! 


That butterfly is so cool! I have a real one in a jar someplace... we found him on the ground after his life had ended. That gives me hope that spring is coming!
I am still swimming in soup! I will get through it all...eventually! Love the dangling lamp!
Enjoy the day!


Go Janet!!! I knew you could do it -LOL I have some of the same sets from Gaea!!! Love the patina and copper - just plain yummy!!!


Lovely beads! I love love your birdsnest!!!


Oh what a lot of lovely jewelry hanging in that lamp!! I can see those pretty spotted beads and some other from Gaea in there ...Yummie
And That necklace is so great with the copper and patina !!
Hope You can get a good use of those beads from me too :)



These make women more feminine and pretty. Due to this design of jewelry now it is more popular and adorable. Thanks a lot...

Green Jade