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Bead table Wednesday and wonderful beads from TesoriTrovati and Yolandasclay

Well at least Bead table Wed was the reason my desk got cleaned! So thank Wednesdays are indeed good! Ive been working on Lampwork beads and these are my 2nd batch out of the kiln. I need to be working everyday on it, but will kick myself in the bum soon to do so!

The bead on bottom is this great Dahli Lama glass that changes colour when you cool and strike it in the fire. Love this green one. I won the glass from my Lampwork Beadmakers Society so I wont be using it alot right off the bat since I am only beginning. This is an expensive glass.

Bubbles in the blue. Its a learning curve, but I know how I did this now. I'm just starting so bear with me..

Really happy days with this new glass cutter tool. My husband is always buying me great things..what a man. Husbands are The Chocolate Chips in life!

 I had to make this picture LARGE so you could see how wonderful Yoli Miramontes (birds on the L) and TesoriTrovatis (on the R) beads were. I love these beads! Theres nothing like designing a necklace and having different interesting things on them. Check these fine ladies out!

On a further Note..

This below isn't BTW but I wanted to show you this French country  hutch~china closet whatever you choose to use it for piece I just got. Unfortunately my neighbors and to sell up quickly because their bank foreclosed on them. This was $50.00 and me to take them to the airport. How could I resist? I tried to pay them more but they said no. Unfortunately the bank foreclosed on them and this was criminal, because they were paid up until 2013! Frightening. You can read more about what happened here. I will be praying for them!

A shame to meet such special neighbors on a very very sad note..

(CDs in here my husband has 100s of them everywhere in the house!)

Its 58 here today a nice cool day but it has been 68 to 70..beautiful 
Spring weather. 
This is one of my roses in bloom now
the ever beauty
Rosa Mundi

 This is an English climber below..

Here is another English climber..this just goes to show that I should of 
cut this back last year or I am in fast need of an Arbor!

Here is its Rose..

This is on the side of my house..

Beautiful weather right now! Its a very hard thing here in Houston to garden with the hard clay you've got to drag alot of soil in. Such a struggle! Ive dumped alot of Miracle grow soil around these. Must spoil the Roses!

Well Id better scoot or there will be no Lampworking today!


What a sweet surprise! I hope that when you make something special with the 'simple truths' pendants that you will add them to the flickr group!
I love Yolanda's bird! Thank you for introducing me to someone new.
And your beads are just awesome! Will they be for sale?
Your roses make me long for the lingering sunshine of summer. Thank you so much for sharing!
Enjoy the day!


Erin your beads are Wonderful how could I not Blog about them! And Yoli she makes lovely beads! Yes shortly I will have some for Sale..I have just started Lampwork, but they arent bad eh? lol.


Thank you Janet! Sweet surprise here too. I came across Erin's work recently as well, and been loving and eyeing some of her stuff.

Those lampwork beads are pretty, I like the blue one even with the bubbles. You got something good going there. The roses are so pretty specially the one with two colors.

Tough times right now for sure for some people. Hoping there is a better time coming your neighbor's way.

Thanks again!


Your making good progress! Lovely pictures, just love the roses.


A. I am loving all you flowers and green!
B. Awesome beads - yours and your purchases!!!
C. Your poor neighbors - that is truely unbelievable!!!
D. It's nice to get new tools!!!

Happy Wednesday!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...
I love your jewelry and your roses are unbelieveable. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog,

March 30, 2011 4:48 PM


What a lot to comment on. First your beads are gorgeous and I like seeing your work. Second I am so jealous on all three of these things....Erin's pendants, that stunning hutch, and I love your roses! I have a pretty climber myself and I love it!


Love it! And the thing I honed in on was your necklace!


I LOVE your beads! you are doing great!! the bubbles may have been an accident but it makes a cool bead!!! keep up the lampworking!


Thanka so much everyone! ox


Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet interesting and engaging.. Keep up the awesome work!



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Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet interesting and engaging.. Keep up the awesome work!