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Another Bead Table Wednesday! And my Donation to an Auction..

Another Bead Table Wednesday!

Where do the days go? They just fly. They remind me of the butterflies that are in migration right now..I was speaking to my brother the other night about the Monarch butterfly and how right now they are in migration from North to South. They travel hundreds of miles North, lay eggs and they grow and so the migration turns around with the new Born's to the South. I want to raise some eggs but for the Monarch you need live things like parsley, and the butterfly bush. For swallowtails I remember carrots. And then there is the tomato horn worm that eats your tomato bush. But let me tell you they turn into good sized beautiful moths! My father and brother used to raise butterflies. You might of called them mini entomologists in their studies. You would be surprised how many people raise and send eggs thru the US Post Office. At night he had a black light and a box, wow you should of seen the things that landed in it. One time a bat, then many stick looking things and moths. In morning they all were no longer prisoners! Even in Summer we went to "The Butterfly Farm" in the Catskills. A German boarding house run by an older couple. What did we do? Well we did hunt butterflies!

So with today being Wednesday here is my Bead table Wednesday here is part of what Ive been working on..

Ingrid who owns Potterygirl on Etsy made this great focal and Ive strung it all up. 
It will be donated to 
Annual Auction April 10th. This Auction will help our great Lampworking guild!
(we also donate beads to Beads of Courage)

Next I will be using Nan Emmett's  focal of  
SpiritedEarth. I love the colours, they are so beautifully subtle shades of turquoise and a hint of purple. This is so pretty! Nan makes such lovely ceramic things..

Messy work table after finishing ugh..

Here is the Monarch..

in all of its glory..

Have a great day!


That is so nice of you!!! I would LOVE to raise butterflies - went to a butterfly farm last year on a field trip and it was amazing!!! The kids were mesmerized by them - and so was I!!! I love that Heart pendant too! XO


Oh what a lot of pretty beads You have to work with there :)....and that butterfly is stunning! xx B


In the summer I grow enough parsley and dill in my salad garden for the butterflies and their egg laying. I also let the hornworms feast...last year there were 4 on one tomato plant.


Thank you Patricia OX!

And Brigitta! Do you have your kiln I think yes? Bc you have not posted lately!

Wanda I need to plant some of those plants! I dont see how sometimes a butterfly can live here. Hot hot terrible summers and hard clay soil. I would hate to be a bug! LOL


Janet, you sure do a lot about butterflies...thanks for sharing your memories with us. My boys love butterflies and I'm looking forward to seeing them around here soon. My son's class raised them last year in the 3rd grade.
Your latest necklaces are beautiful and what a great cause. The pottery and ceramic focals really make the necklaces!