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What did the first peice of jewellery look like that you ever made?! Comeon and fess up!

This is Gizmo but more about him later..

This is the one of the first pieces of jewellery I ever made..
see the hot dogs hamburgers popcorn and ice cream?!

* I would like to mention my friend Andrew Thornton. He is a very talented jewellery designer he has a blog here, and a jewellery shop here and be sure to look at the Basha beads! His family owns Green Girl Studios and they make hand forged wonderful focals. Go and say hello to Andrew!

* Id like to ask a Question to many of you. What did the first piece of jewellery look like
or something you made look like that you thought was so great and that you were so proud of?! Well I'm going to show you the one of the first pieces I ever made! I will always keep it because it makes me smile! It keeps me honest and grounded that I keep my head not way above the clouds no it keeps me who I am because we all had to start somewheres! I was so proud of this piece! It gives me a chuckle because its not inventive and its plain and well it is not a winner! So fess up and tell about something you made but learned from. Even post about it! And yes were all human. So tell something about what you made and how you grew from it..

* So the Bead party is over and that was a real lot of fun. Some pretty awesome pieces of
jewellery were created! Friendships were forged too! And so that's what it is all about.

* So the little fella above is Gizmo. What a darling little pug. He has many names! I believe
all pugs are alike. Bad beggars they snorkle, sneeze pass wind and snore. He is quite a joy with his little big bugged out eyes. His big joy in life is licking mostly feet. The taste tester. The food critic! He smells like corn chips. He cries when he can't seem to jump up onto the bed to go to sleep for the night. How sweet. Right now hes sitting below me chewing his bone so faithful. Gizmo is 7 now and will be getting old now soon. But to me thats where he will be one day be at the big Pearly Gates..just ahead waiting!

* Well Id better put Gizmo to bed with Adam my Son and get to my beauty sleep.

** Night everyone!


I guess I'm scratching my head over this one, since I actually like it? It's bright and colorful. It reminds me of the nursing necklaces I had when my daughter was a baby. She would grab onto them as she nursed. It gave her hands something to do besides yanking on my hair!

I think the first beaded necklace I made had Tigers Eye in it, don't remember too much else about that necklace. I made matching earrings and a bracelet too, I was really proud of that piece, but I gave it away as a gift to my mother. That was over 15 years ago. She loved it, she still wears it.

The second piece I made had a lot of beads. I made an amulet bag, using the Peyote stitch, so many beads. It took a long time to make.


Whoops, I forgot to add...

I've always loved Pugs. Watching Milo and Otis, sold
me on them. I've never had one of my own, but they surely are adorable. I had a Maltese, she passed away in March (she was fourteen years old.) we still have a Shih Tzu; his name is Mr. Bentley. :)

Now I'm curious, have you ever made any doggie inspired jewelry?


Yes Miss Mooney I have here is the post..
I wear it alot! LOL *he even has his doo dads on the back hee hee..


Thanks for mentioning my blog and my shop! You're a dear friend!

The first piece of "real" jewelry I made was a simple strand of labradorite and the pewter owl coin that's based off of an old ancient Greek coin that my family makes. It's a little tight, but I still wear it to this day.


oh my goodness! I love that hamburger/ popcorn necklace! too cute. :)
bless you!


Pretty necklace :)

I LOVE GIZMO! I miss him, I wish he would come live with us. I was thinking about him last night, wishing he were here with us.


I was 16 and used to make little monk and nun earrings & brooches out of fimo. My friends must've really loved me because they even wore them!
Nicola xx
P.S> Thank you for your kind words on my blog and yes you can torch fire but a glassworkers torch would be a little fierce ;)


Your first piece is a real keeper, Janet! I still have my first pieces and my first wire bangle... I did a blog post and showed them a few months ago. It's fun to look back at how much you learn and how your style changes....


I created the seed bead necklace Jim Morrison wore on The Doors first album. I wore it till it broke.
It was awesome.


missficklemedia said...
I created the seed bead necklace Jim Morrison wore on The Doors first album. I wore it till it broke.
It was awesome.


Moon you are so faithful a blogger and generous in your comment!

Andrew I believe you jumped off into jewellery making flying!

Traci you are too kind it is ucky! lol

Cindy you are too kind it is a necklace that only a beginner would make and uck lol! I need to go back and look at your bangle I missed it? Need to have a lookie!

Shannon oh that must of been so beautiful!! Now I need to see the Album cover!

Nicola you have a really wonderful Blog! Really informative!! I need to look into the torch situation with silver clay.


OH, how adorable! My first piece of jewelry I ever made was a clover chain with my mother! I always thought it would be neat to find a necklace as an adult made like one.

And that Pug is DARLING!

Janet, something weird is going on with Google. I am seeing posts of yours I have never seen. Some blogs can't leaven comments at other blogs. I think they are having glitches. Anyhow, just wanted you to know that I'm seeing a bunch of your older posts come up. I'm sorry if I've been missing them because I do follow your blog.


Sheila :-)


Ohh Shelia you are really so very sweet! You make a person feel so good to Blog. So many huggs out to you!


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