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Andrew Thornton you are a little gem..

Well the days are passing by I still am working on my new location and getting things right with all of my Lampwork equipment. I received this lovely card and Original art work in the post from Andrew Thornton! Who ever has him in their life they're blessed hes I believe to be a feeling genuine person. I was so touched as it came out of the blue! Oh Andrew you Rock! I shall frame this in remembrance of you. And look he sent a pc of his heart..Andrew is quite a talented jewellery designer and his family owns Green Girl Studios for anyone who doesn't know. You can find Andrew here.

Slowly getting there here is the Creation Station that just came in the post..

The kiln in its place..

Remember the Roses I bought in this tub?

This is last years Rose and it is truly a sight..

This is this years rose growing nicely. From the tub to this. Unfortunately I lost 2 of them but atleast I have 10 left..

Where did I plant my tomatoes this year? In the front garden! The soil is so hard and clayish very devoid of nutrients here. This fall I would like to have 4 to 5 truck loads of soil delivered. I so envy people with soft rich soil.

This glorious creature visited me this morning. Isn't he wonderful as you can see he is quite a size by the penny on the table..We had alot of them in Scotland and they made some lovely doiley patterns in our pansy's!

I then moved him to the flowering canna for safety. I was reading about them just now. I thought upon first seeing him he was a slug but slugs have no shell. So he is a snail. I found some interesting facts as they have both male and female reproductive parts. They will lay about 30 eggs in the ground or a rotting log. They can be eaten by frogs, beetles, rats, hedgehogs, and other snails. As pets they can live to a year. With that said I shall pass!

What gifts we have been given!

Go out and have a great day!


Oh isn't it nice to get he-art mail...that's cute!

there's so much going on in your post...let's see...

the next thing was the set up in your studio.....coming along nicely...

I think it's whimsically funny that you've planted your tomatoes in the front yard! hehe...good for you!

and about the snail....
can you beleive my parents eat those? ew...they're cute, from a distance...not in your hands or in your mouth! right! who's with me on that count! lol

have a great day....
see you soon!
ciao bella
creative carmelina


You are right...Andrew is a gem! I got the same little pick me up and it immediately went on my wall o' inspiration. Hey! Thanks for following me on Treasures Found...right back at you!

Enjoy the day!


I'm glad that you enjoyed the little card. Remember earlier this year when you volunteered to participate in a secret art project. This is it! It's a piece of a larger picture. The pieces fit together, like a puzzle, to show an image that only I know of. Thank you for participating and for being so kind.


Thank you lovely people!

Andrew what will we do with you?
That is touching how many of us are all connected now with your art works! How thoughtful...<3


Oh what a lovely card, something to treasure for sure.

The roses are lovely and it's nice that you put your little visitor in a safer place.


Lovely picture he sent you. Oh that snail, he was too cute! Glad nobody sat on him haha!


Bright and metallic!! Love that combination. Looks like fun to wear and it seems to tell a story too!


You made a beautiful piece! Love it!


Oh, I just love it! So many pretties, I could just eat it! But then, I do love me some orange...great job of combining everything.


Awesome job! I love the copper pendant and how you assembled everything is great! It looks like it would be so much fun to wear! Fantastic!


I LOVE this, it is a real pop art piece, stunning !


I have too tell you sweet friend.....I'm lovin' all those beads.

I am a true lover of funky, eclectic jewelry. This is just up my alley.