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Stacey's Necklace and an Owls story! Also a Great Giveaway!

Theres been so much to do about barn owls lately! I was watching the live Owl cam Molly and McGee a pair of barn owls for months. A live cam in San Marcos California of Molly and her mate McGee. It was just Wonderful! Many friends were made in the process of watching this pair sit on a clutch of 4 eggs to their growing up and departing! The 4 owlettes were named Maxx the 1st born then Pattison, Austin and the little Wesley. At night you would see the parents bring in mice, rabbits and other rodents..two times live. That I never got to see! Then there was the mouse that escaped. All in the day of the life of owls! It was wonderful for 4 months and now the owletts are departed and many a sad person still going onto the chat.

So this is where many people were introduced to Stacey O'Brien who would pop into the chat room of the live Owl box. Everyone was always so excited. Here is the captivating book Stacey wrote. A book you couldn't put down. Hey Lori Anderson a good book here! A fellow bead maker who started the Bead Party btw in the last Blog entry!

Stacey's book..

Here is the necklace I created and designed for Stacey..I call For the Love of Wesley!

It will go out tomorrow..see the owl the nest and the squirrel?
The owl and squirrel are sitting on Mary Ann Carrols ceramic beads,
necklace is wire wrapped in sterling..and Green Girl Studio charms..

Stacey's favourite colours are saturated teals and said she loves
long this can be adjusted..

Here is Stacey OBrien and Wesley..

Here is Wes when he was little what a little joy he was to her..

I don't want to tell her story but what a heartwarming book this was! A story about a little owl who could not be released into the wild..

It was such a pleasure to make this necklace for her..what a sweet woman..


Ok on to some other great news..there is a wonderful giveaway! This is a real Motherload of beads and jewels. If you don't bead you may just want to start! A very generous giveaway and you just need to reply. Go here to Denise Yezbak Moores site!


Your beadwork is so lovely and the book sounds sweet. Thanks for sharing. I am going to pop over and check out that giveaway.


What a touching story Janet! Also...LOVE the necklace and thanks for giving me credit for the beads! Great post! THANKS! MaryAnn


What a gorgeous necklace, I love the colors.
I popped by to check out the baby owls on the web came a few times.

I'll make sure to check out the book.


Westley was such a cute little peep!!

Lovely necklace there, I am sure she will love it!!


What a fascinating story....Wesley is adorable! As for watching the owlettes...I'm not sure I could bear the parts about bringing in live mice and rabbits...I'm a bunny lover!! Will look for this book though.
Your necklace is beautiful and will surely be treasured!


Oops! Commented on the wrong post....THESE owl pics are gorgeous!


The Quintessential Magpie said...
Hi, Janet!

I'm so glad to find your blog. It is beautiful. Your necklace is wonderful, and that barn owl story sounds like something I would love.

One winter we had a tiny owl who roosted over our door. Our actual residence is federal and has sort of a U-shaped front porch which blocks the wind, and my husband got some cute pictures of him asleep. I love owls and love to him them whoooo.

Looking forward to blogging with you.


Sheila :-)

June 25, 2010 6:07 PM


My Grama's Soul said...
What a great story......this young lady was HARRY POTTER....before there was a HARRY POTTER!!

By the way.....the necklace you created is stunning.



June 25, 2010 3:49 PM


Thank you bc you guys Rock!


love the necklace- It looks so cool. Watching the owls must be relaxing- sorta like watching fish in a tank. I love the squirel too. They are fun to watch too. I have been watching chipmunks trying to steal all the bird food I put out- they are cute too. Great creativity!