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New English Roses and a plump lampwork dog!

Well what have I been doing? Lots. Our AC unit finally fried so we had to have a new unit put in. Thank God(ness) my husband saves money. What do people do? All I can say is I really count our blessings and thank the good Lord for everything everyday! So that was that we are ready for a Texas summers which are brutal. If you don't water your grass on a steady basis it all dies, and the ground where I live is alot of clay so its hard to garden. Houston is a challenge!

Ok my husband just bought me many English roses from David Austin Roses in Tyler Texas. Mr Austin is a renowned Rose grower from England and cultivator. He now has operations worldwide bringing the unsurpassed beauty of the English Rose to many. Whats so wonderful is that these roses are virtually disease resistant. They are pricey but when you have bought roses from places like Walmart and they get black spot and look so crapped out you are happy to invest your money in a quality rose that will bring years of beauty and healthy specimens at that.

So above is what I ordered...all climbers. There is my order so you can actually go and read about the Roses if you go to David Austin Roses. The last date for ordering "bareroot" roses is in May so if your interested better hurry.

Next are two dogs made by Maria Grimes. Are they precious or what?! And well you can see that Doggie # 1 is a male! I am a beginning lampworker but this gal makes some really super lampwork aren't they just wonderful?! Many hats off to Maria! I'm looking really forward to my pug with his "thingies" hopefully soon in my mail box!

Well I had better get going as I have to work today...I sure hate workings Sundays no less weekends! Have a lovely day ox


Such beautiful roses. I know you will enjoy them. Have a great day.


What gorgeous roses! And I love the puppy bead!


Janet, you are an avid gardener! And you love roses!! Wow, another thing we have in common...although I do not know how to grow them as you do. Your selections are just gorgeous - they are my favorite flowers.
I hope that AC is working...I imagine it is getting super hot there in TX!


Hi Janet..thanks for stopping by Farmhouse...and I do beleive that all pets go to Heaven...and we will see them again and what a glorious day that will be...

As I was looking at the roses I thought these have to be David Austen...and then I saw they were...some of my favorites too...

have a wonderful weekend, my friend



Yes the AC is fixed with a New system! Summers are brutal in Houston and last year it would blow hot air then wed have to turn it off for an hr bc it was freezing up. So needless to say we are ready...comeon Summer!

Yes David Austin roses you know they are $18 to $22 each but they are virtually disease resistant and never get crapped out like many Wally store Roses. Just a waiting the shipment!

Thank you for yalls lovely comments!


I love the little pug! He is too cute! Lovely roses, they looked so nice in your yard :D


That's a funny necklace and I love the puppy bead. regards Stefanie