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A toast to Mom and Happy Valentines day!

Here's a toast to Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines day! I have had to move far away from my Mother from Virginia to Houston TX. I dont get to see her now. I wish I could give one of these necklaces below to my Mother for Valentines day. Shes 86 now. When we went to see her last the clothes we got her werent worn and all the jewellery Ive showered her with lieing on the dresser un touched. I said Mom do you wear the jewellery, and the jacket we bought you, but I could see the tag on it and it was un worn. Its so sad shes a bit tunnel vision now in a sense and she stays on a small path. My brother said (with kindness) Janet dont send her anymore clothes or jewellery she has too much and its piling up now she dosent wear it! I still want to do things for my Mother! I want to shower her to show how I love her...Its Valentines day and I sure miss and love my Mom. I guess thats what flowers are for...sending them. I will send some today.