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Some good news about work...

Well finally I was able to secure work again even if its only part time. Ive landed a job at Michael's. The craft store that has zillions of everything. I'm an "event coordinator" so my job is to make sure all displays are up on time fix the displays glue flowers on them etc etc. Go to the bank for the store and give demonstrations for crafts as well as talking people to throw a Birthday party at the store. Now I haven't done this yet but I also have to host the party's. I was errmm but the job is really good, keeps me really going, so it should be ok. I guess if I wasn't a people person I wouldn't be able to do that and talk talk to people. So the monies will be nice. Other than this alls well, I haven't really done any new pieces lately. You ever get like that a bit slow? Ill have to start on something new soon.
Other than this have a great day!


Congratulations on the new job! It sounds like a lot of fun and like it's right up your alley!


That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy your time there:)


hey thanks wouldnt believe the beads and everything they THROW out!!! But were Not allowed to take! Waaaaaa