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Springtimes serenade and planet Ksispy

My newest Springtime necklace and the planet "Krispy"
Ive had this glass daffodil for sometime now, and finally today I was able to put this peice together. A springtime wearable. It's amazing the way springtime, flowers and green grass make us feel so good. None the less alive again. If anyone wonders how long it takes oh it takes hours of fiddling with the Swarovoski crystals, beads and the colour alignment. Then glueing the end peices into the clasps! I special ordered the hand dyed ribbon for effect. It seemed to take a few my backs killing me now and I have gluey sticky fingers, but well worth it. Being happy with something we were hoping for a good outcome. Now my house is all a messy still so Ill have to run around and clean it bc I hate messes lol. Luckily I have a Jenny~O frozen turkey Ill shove into the oven real quick for din's. So that was my day.
On a funny note...last night I went to bed late and couldn't seem to get to sleep, so in my moving around and squirming I must of woken Ron up. So at 2 O'clock we started taking about this and that. So to show off my intellegence I thought I'd throw some real facts out to him. I said "what planet is closest to the Sun"? I'm sure some of you already know that but sometimes the simplest things we remember we don't. So He thought and said "I don't know". So I proceeded to tell him it was Mercury. He said "No it isn't...its planet "Krispy" LOL. Well we had a good laff over that. How if you lived there you were a Krispian and were maybe a Krispitarian (librarian). I have to admit it was funny. Then to end it off...said husband let out a real big bag of wind, loud and proceeded to say "that was an atomic bomb from Planet Krispy"! LOL Funny ramblings in the today I spoke with him as he was at work and he said "well have to write a story about planet Krispy" lol. So the saga might be continued!