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Monster Farm and alot of beads!

Be careful for your information of what you post!
Something we are all responsible for.
I was looking for some labels on Yahoo images and found this interesting headstone. I thought how neat it was and put it on Face book, thinking maybe it was photo shopped. I kept thinking about the gravestone then did a refined search on Baby Monster. I have since taken it down out of respect for a family that at one time lived and are now passed on.
The Monster family existed. They must of been early pioneers in Washington Seattle Washington. They are in a small grave yard that was found by accident in Saar Pioneer Cemetery Kent, King County, Washington. A whole family of Monsters. Father John C Monster 1861-1920. Anna Marie Nelson Monster the Mother 1851-1890. Daughter Christina Monster Mallory 1810-1903. Then baby Monster 1888 -1889, a very short life for her.
One wonders what their life was like?


I've been doing bead shopping and have bought a few pieces of jewellery over the last year. Always exciting when the post comes!

I plan to make a necklace out of this lovely flamingo (above) as well as the cygnet made by Scorched Earth ~ Petra Carpreau from Devon England.
Ceramic Coffee beads

 Nesting beads aren't they delicious?!

love these ceramic beads from Mary!

Ceramic heart

Erin makes Magic with polymer clay!
Birgitta has made me this hedgie
he is a cuff ceramic piece to match my necklace.
I. am. in. love.
what else?!
Then treated myself to
Lorelei now also makes wonderful
focals pictured here in the brass
with the flower in it!

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Really interesting photos and I love a good post day as well! Glad you treated yourself! ♡


I'm falling for little Twinkie.
Nice haul of goodies and treats.


Thank you to two lovelies!
Its slow getting up again, but
I am not totally forgotten I see lol..ox


Hello Janet - so great to hear from you again and I'm happy to reconnect on your blog! You have been up to so many things lately, between family visits and a trip to Scotland!
I completely understand and agree with how you wanted to pay respect to the Monster family that lived many years ago. It sure makes you wonder about their story - I wish we knew.
What gorgeous beads you featured in today's post! They are all incredible and I'm especially drawn to Gaea's coffee bean beads for obvious reasons, as well as Mary Harding's bead set. Your little Twinkie is so adorable!


Hi Cindy! Its good to be back again its been a long time..tyvm! Imagine the name as Monster as a last name..that might of proved difficult! Hopefully not for that family. Sooo many beads to buy these days and so wonderful! I keep so many for myself because some aren't always easy to get them again! Selfish bead and focal buyer I am lol! Thank you for coming by its so nice to see you here!