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Beauty eventually comes from ashes..where have I been?

Where have I been?
All I can say is that beauty comes from Ashes. Its just been a long time for healing~ to stay quiet, not to chase things or people. Just to be. I don't know if you can relate to this. Many are like busy bees all of the time, making creating and producing and I watched them. But I wasn't afraid to leave and do what I had to do. There's so much healing in quietness! I haven't torched in a long time, a year and a half to be exact. I could crawl under the table when I type this! But there's so much to do and learn now! But I've began torching again, and really going to study and practice. Lampwork takes so much time! Oh and the first day back I got a 1st degree burn..all's well though.
I made these the other day whilst torching beads for the Lovely Birgitta Lejonklou. Playing around I made some little things to hang in my daughters kitchen window.

Well in this time being gone many things happened. I was able to see my elderly Mother. I miss my Mother as she is very far away. Here is my Mother and God love her. She is with her great grandchild here. I love this picture
This picture here is sad for me. But it is only Mother in a quiet moment as we all have them. Its called life isn't it?! I will go this summer to see her again. Hopefully my daughter
can come with me!
I am reminded of my Mother when I look at this painting by
Mary Jane Q Cross. Isn't it a beauty? I miss my Mother!
This picture is so tender it about brings tears to my eyes..

 During this time we went to Scotland for a funeral in the family. When you go to Scotland its just so almost like set back in time so old~worldy. Here are some pictures you might like to see..
Aberdeen here
This is in the village of Tarves.
I used to walk from my house and shop here when I lived in
Scotland, Notice all the stores are old looking.
You will never see modern looking stores in Scotland.
In the above picture the ugly modern building is rare!
Scotland is truly the land of loveliness!
I loved this cottage!
This field is full of rape a flower
 that they make into a useable oil
This was a picture in a clothing store
a men's shop in Aberdeen.
Loved this picture!
We went to Loch Ness
But never saw Nessie a shame really..
would of been nice had she shown her face!
The Loch Ness is so very big and deep.
We went to see a film on the Loch and it was said it was
highly unlikely that Nessie would be living there because of the food
sources so scarce there.
Never mind the cold cold waters as well.
21 miles long and 755 feet deep!
Then there was the funeral of my husbands
 Father. It was just yesterday that he was in good health.
Here are my husbands relatives all in their fine attire.
This is common at many family important
occasions to wear a kilt. Mighty spiffing  they are!
Kilts are very expensive to buy or have made.
For a mans kilt it would take 5 to 9 yards of fabric.
And I don't know if they wore underwear under their kilts!
Many are said not to!
And last but not in the least here is the little Love
of my life! Her name is Twinkie.
 My Son bought her for me..she's such
a little tornado!
Thank you for coming by..I've missed reading Blogs
and visiting many people..
Maybe I wasn't totally forgotten?!
(inserts smiles...)
PS and yes I am happy!


Nice blog, Janet, but you seem sad. Maybe it's just my interpretation. I hadn't realized you weren't torching for so long. I assumed you were, when you were off being alone.

Lovely pictures of Scotland too. I didn't know the two men in the photo---but they were, indeed, handsome!! Hugsxx


Welcome back. Thanks for sharing. Bittersweet times and nice pictures. Twinkie is a charmer !


No no not sad at all! I'm quite happy these days Kathy. Your such a love! I know a long time for not doing something that requires such fine tuning!


Pip! So nice of you to visit! I will be reading Blogs again including yours! Hey I look at your Etsy and always see what you're doing! ox