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With all things British!

With all things British..
here was my Home!

I live with Royalty everyday married to a lovely British man ie my husband! We celebrated our 11 years of marriage one week ago and Ive never looked back. Here is my house in the small village of Tarves, Scotland. My house was built some 100 years ago as a girls school and later on when the war came it was converted into a hospital. Some 50 years the house was broken up into 3 dwellings as the British often do. The front end my husband was able to buy but was previously used as the matrons quarters. Unfortunately no old lovely bottles or dishes were ever left behind for me to find! But the dwelling was beautiful and every room upstairs and downstairs had fireplaces. The house was set in the Aberdeenshire countryside. When you drive or take a bus into Aberdeen you are greeted by tons of seagulls. I often joked that they were the mafia of the city. They were everywhere! The shrill crys amongst the old homes and beautiful turreted buildings had an atmosphere all of its own. We are very due to visit the family and hopefully it will be sooner than later this year. 

**The country of Britain greenbelts everything all of the land. When you build you must get permission. So much of every where is not cut up and all of the trees cut down. So this is truly a beautiful place to visit or live in**

I was able to bring home wonderful faeries from Pasttimes that you can find in England and Scotland

This set of Merry making was a going away gift from my sister in law when we came to America

 I brought home china and crystal

A load of linens

And pictures

I wish I could of brought home more! 

Living in Scotland for 4 years with my husband who was born in England and grew up in Wales I learned to make mince and tatties, stovies, skirlie, cock a leekie soup, bubble and squeak, crumpets, cauliflower and cheese, mince and steak pies and much more. I drank ribena drinks and Iron bru soda. A world away that I miss very much. But my children are here in America. So well see what the future brings!

Its a beautiful wedding of Prince William and Kate! Kate no longer a commoner and now The Duchess of Cambridge! I would love to do a study on how they arrive at who gets what title and why. A day to rejoice for the British and their country..


What a lovely home you had in England, with such an interesting history and such a great collection of fairies...I have two small ones myself.


Thank you for sharing! Love the fairies! I enjoyed your post alot!


OMG!! The fairies are fantastic - the first one is stunning - I couldn't have left them behind either!


Thank you! The faeries are like no others! And Ive broken some that are gone now..sigh! Europe is really beautiful.


Janet, I'm glad you posted a picture of your home in is so amazing to actually see it. And what a history...a school, a hospital.... how fascinating (you know old homes are right up my alley!). You sure learned to cook some interesting-sounding meals. I've never heard of most of them...and would love to see what they look like. You and your husband must have had the most amazing 4 years there.... I hope you share your story (how you 2 met) in a future post...


Thank you Cindy! Yea I wanted to come HOME. You know its the "Ties that bind"! But if I had no family here I could of lived there forever. I may seem like a romantic but it was a different world a different feel. Old worldy. The food was great too!


Congrats to your daughter! She does do lovely work! I love your "Singingwoods" story too! And your necklace? Wow! Your beads are just so cool!



...just wondering if you ever sell the beads separately?



Hi Pear yes I sell Lampwork beads seperately!

Gaea I think your comment is for the newest post and you too pear! Thx guys xx


Your daughter is very talented I love the banner that she created for you.
Her mother is also talented, lovely beads that you made!!!
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.


Janet~Thanks for visiting me today. I love your beads and that home in England...WOW!

Now...about your comment left for me about Mr. DUNCE...

You are spot-on! He's a real fool.

Love to you~