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Im really not a bad Blogger tho I seem like one..

Im really not a bad blogger..
life just seems to get in the way!
(and how to root Roses)

My husband (Isn't he handsome) and I went to the Annual Houston Society of Glass Beadmakers Auction yesterday and what a great day it was. The auction had many tables full of so many Lampwork related items, jewellery, frit, bead release, tools, books and of course wonderful rods of glass! We had two hours to put our silent bids down. The last 15 minutes were exciting where you could up your bids in an effort to win. It was such a great day and our Lampwork Society was able to raise $3106.00! A great day and Auction! To the Company's who donated I want to thank and to the individuals who worked hard at organizing everything. What a great day. I had only 15 rods of glass to my name and my wonderful husband bought me all of this glass, loads of frit with the won bids! What beautiful glass! I also want to thank the lovely and very talented Diane Woodall who really helped my husband and I pick the right glass and to stay away from others. 


Ok here are some wonky Lampwork beads below I made and YES they are wonky. But I do make round beads now. But I'm showing that even beginner beads that I made when I started can be incorporated into a necklace I made. Bubbles you say? Bubbles are not my goal no but they have added variety into this piece as well as an uneven encased bead. "In the beginning" we all started and the unevenness can be made into a beautiful piece I believe! I'm a work in progress and I will never be a snob (insert smile here).


Why I haven't blogged lately:

Besides the Auction Ive been really running doing things that I feel like a bad blogger. Some new people are following me ..thank you! Even tho this would be considered a jewellery blog theres so much to do in life and these things make for fine dining. 

So Ive been rooting roses. My Grandma Cammie Jean rooted roses many years ago, so I went to find out how to do this. So after much research I took the plunge and they are doing well after four days!

How to root roses from your bushes or wild ones:

** take a 6 inch cutting from new growth. Woody growth will not due. Take off all the leaves except the last two on top; one on each side.
** wet you bottom inch of the cutting and dip into a rooting hormone. But I know my Grandmother did not have that the many years ago. So its not imperative. But for extra measure I did.
** keep moist but not soaked.
** wait for more frown and grow in small pots. Transfer later.
So I'm looking forward to good results and I hope that I do.

Here is my yard now..the grass all dappled and beautiful!

I hope your day is great and thank you for stopping by!

Be thankful is the key to happiness!


Okay first...Bad blogger...NO WAY!!!
Second yes he is handsome and got awesome goodies!
Third....I LOVE WONKY!!!!!
Fourth....Jealous that you have so much green already! The daffodils are just getting bigger and the trees have not popped yet!



Wonderful glass event. I admire your tenacity with making glass beads. And I like what you have made so far. And your gardens are so beautiful. We too don't have a single green leaf on a tree yet. Love seeing yours!!


I LOVE the bubbles in the beads! And is that jasmine? Gorgeous!


Kristen I dunno I am doing so many things and cant seem to get a blog up these days..thank you!

Mary Thank you! Bubbles are a no no in glass but you know this necklace I made is for me and I said ach well it will add some variety and it did.

Clay that is grew and spread like widfire! I like the Bubbles too!


Oh he is sooo proud of himself and YEAH for you!!!

We still have not one flower : ( it's raining the next 2 days maybe something will pop!

I can't wait to see all those roses : )


It sounds like a really successful auction. You have weeks of fun and creativity ahead of you. Your garden looks like it is coming on and will soon be in full bloom. Thanks for the tips about rooting roses. I'm going to give it a try. I hope you have a great evening. Blessings...Mary


Thank you guys you Rock xx


SO pretty! I love your polka dot beads! XO


It sure looks to me like you've boxed that boy in :-). I don't do bead or needle work because of my eyes, but I admire the handiwork of those who do. Your necklace is really lovely. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary


Janet, those are lovely! Are you selling your beads, or still getting used to making them?

I'm slowly getting back into beading, I sure have missed it. Eventually I'd love to try my hand at making the beads too. I'll put that on my long-term list of things I want to do.


Very nice blog and beads! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the prayers!


Love it!! I am just going to start making glass beads and am so excited!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pieces and adventures.


Thank you so for your comments!
They mean alot xx