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We went into the Countryside!

Well I haven't really done much in a good while. Mostly because Houston Texas is such a madhouse. Zillions of cars and the roads are packed all the time which is a normal thing here. It is not my favourite thing to venture out alot because this is the landscape for lots and lots of miles. Cement and subdivisions forever. But my husband and I ventured onto a little town not far from here and its a small bit of what hasn't been swallowed up by builders. So my daughter Jenny and I decided to go over to the town of Tomball today and I thought Id show her the sights and some good fresh air to boot. On the way down the many roads Ive seen this darling old house a few times so today I brought my camera and took some shots. Its surrounded by subdivisions and stores, what a shame. How I hate subdivisions! Now the *older parts of *towns are ok tho. I guess I have my likes and dislikes. So here is this lovely house and I went up to it and took some pictures. The front porch is slanted down from age but the house was very sturdy. Why do I feel sad when we see these old homes? Maybe because they have a charm in the structure, hardwood floors and maybe a porch and a time when life wasn't so rushed... Ill take an old home like this to my pretty big brick home anyday..

You can see the front porch..

Up the stairs..I wonder what was up there? The house was void of anything and it worried me a bit to go up there. Theres alot of crime in Houston and maybe I thought a mean person might be up there to harm me!?

Old hardwood floors. I felt a sadness that this house once a home probably to small children running up and down those stairs...that the home was no longer loved! I imagine there were fields around this old home at one time too. The house was so rock hard solid!

Next Jenny and I passed open Texas fields. This is a long drive to an old cute home..lots of land!

A close up of the home thanks to my zoom in lens. I could not even see this detail from the road...amazing!

More fields on the way to Tomball

This is the neighborhood in Tomball where the bird shop is that we go to to get toys for my parrot *Cheeky monkey the Quaker and *Cherub the sun conure

Here is the pet shop

Lots of hand raised babies!

This is a Caique if I were to ever get another parrot it would be this parrot. They are real clowns and will roll all around their cages and play all the time. Unfortunately they are $1000. So I don't think so! Ill be happy with what I've got plus these parrots live to be 15 to 25 years old..a real commitment.

Lots of toys

This was such a cute shop

Nice things

And this was the owner an older gentleman and a bit crabby I think lol but pleasant nevertheless

He lives upstairs in his shop but we went up, his bedroom is off limits

A dentists chair?

Now I want this! Bringing husband back with the checkbook!

And I fell in love with this too is it not lovely and stripped you could make a fine piece!

This was one place to eat but we did not check it out!

So on the way home Jenny and I went to this odd place. I guess some people would think it was a dive but we thought it had charm!

You cant really see it but is was cute

Old timey! And that was our trip it was so great to go out to this small place away from where I live!

So when I came home Kimberly Roberts pkg was in my mail box waiting! I was very pleased on what she sent me for the BEAD PARTY! Sterling silver beads, semi precious beads, some coconut rounds, a handmade copper Love laugh love pendant and her handmade lampwork! Thank you Kimberly! More info here about 97 happy women artisan beaders participating!

So that was my day and it was a great day. I need to play Lottery more to buy land and antiques!


i know what you mean....i could spend a FORTUNE in antique stores!!
so glad you like your package!


Janet, you and I must be kindred spirits! I take pictures of old houses too, and ask my husband to stop the car so I can go investigate. I have several pictures I should post on my blog soon. I is so sad to see these old homes left to abandon. It makes you wonder about the original owners..and all of the good times shared in those houses.
The bird pictures are all so adorable! I love to investigate little towns like this and try the local places to eat...sounds like you had a wonderful day!


Yay for bead party stuff! And exploration!


this is such a lovely post! i love the old yellow dresser! it's yummy!

your photos are gorgeous girl! i love a blog with great pic's!

thanks for sharing...and have fun antiquing..when you come into some cash that is!!!

ciao bella
stop by anytime!

creative carmelina


Now that is a PERFECT day to me! I agree the old homes have so much charm! and ugh ...subdevisions. no thank you.
Thanks for sharing the cool pictures,
Have a pretty day.


Hello Janet, thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Just to let you know that the flower in my header photo is an auricula (I think). The plant and the old stone urn in which it sits was left here when we bought the cottage so i'm only guessing really!

It looks like you had a great day out with your daughter. Tomball seems to be a charming town. I love the old house - I'm surprised it wasn't all boarded up - you were lucky to be able to see the interior, my goodness doing it up would be a great project!



Congratulations!! I am excited to see what beauties you will make with your new tools!


Thanks for stopping y to say hi. I just took a peak at your ETSY and must say your work is lovely.

jWhen you get your new telling what you will turn out! Can't wait to see it.

P.S. we are doing a little traveling in our motor home.


Thanks for stopping y to say hi. I just took a peak at your ETSY and must say your work is lovely.

jWhen you get your new telling what you will turn out! Can't wait to see it.

P.S. we are doing a little traveling in our motor home.