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Bead Party Time Rock On!

Another Party!

So Bead Party time has rolled around and I am really HAPPY to be involved again! Everyone had so much fun last year! Lori Anderson of Pretty Things is the Hostess and you can go have a mosey of whats going on and all on here page here. This year there are 97 wonderful happy women participating in this 2nd go round. So this means all of us will be paired up with another person, we exchange beads by post and then there will be the final reveal. Ninety seven of us will be going round to see what each other has made. Lots of fun Blog hopping! And so many great creations I can't wait to see them! So my partner this year is a very exciting artist named Kimberly Roberts who lives in the Bahamas and makes her home on the island of Abago. How exciting is that?! (Kimberly send me some nice shells and sea glass!) She makes vibrant coloured island Quilts and is a beginning self taught lampworker. Check her out!

I am mailing Kimberly my package out today...and here is a sneak *Peek!

I hope she is happy with my selection!

So with that I'm off to watch the owlettes Molly and McGee on USTREAM a lice cam in San Marcos CA. The owlettes are fledging and their peach fuzz is all about gone. It has been an exciting journey from the hatching of the 4 eggs to this now. Here's the link go and watch them!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Lorelei is Hosting another what looks to be a sure winner of a Book on Jewellery, bead weaving and metal rings by Cindy Thomas Pankopf ! The winner will be announced later today so there is still time to enter!


The pictures turned out quite well! What a lovely trip indeed, I want to go back there for some more BBQ.. Yum!!!


sorry i missed this post.....i could have sent you some seaglass and shells :(


LOVE what i see in my package :)


Kimberly Awww good Im hoping you love what I sent! ox

Jenny yea well go again soon! Next time to the other antique store and maybe go upstairs in the old house lol. BOO!


I'm in Texas now traveling........and I AM LOVIN' all these little towns are are coming across.



Hi Janet...
I'm so glad you stopped by.

I think the sun conure's are one of the most BEAUTIFUL birds...They seem MORE easily trainable than my cockatiel!!! I've watched some Youtube clips on both of them and some are just so funny...

Great pics on the house in Texas. Someone very special must have lived there at one time, such a shame.
I've visited a friend in San Antonio and did the whole tourist route of missions. Absolutely Beautiful. I know what you mean by SO many subdivisions, I was really surprised!!!
My Best~Marilyn


All good good my lovlies! Thank you for all the lovely comments it feels good to get them! :)


Hi Janet, what great pics! That old man did look a bit crabby! lol...Thanks for stopping by this morning. I agree with you, why can't people keep their homes up? It's a shame when they get so run down :( So sad...Have a great week! Kristen