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A new day

Today's a New day and a Wonderful day! My husband was diagnosed with a 99.9% blockage in a main artery in the accident this was found. I so rejoice he is still with me. I'm so thankful to my was only by accident that this was found out. His old cardiologist had moved and they couldn't get his number. So they sent him to another one. This new Dr said right your going in for an angiogram right away. The Providence of the Lord! He was with the Indians and the settlers when they began and He is with me and my husband today...this is my Christmas...

So finally I made a few pieces of Jewellery! Ive been so busy and tired and now the TOP 1/3 of my tree is out. Gotta love these problems they are nothing And all the stores are out of lights but we did find some @ Target on a late night romp shopping last night. Sometimes me and Kibbie go out and shop late its fun to run out while everyones asleep and put thine self to magic!

Im so happy today...
Have a lovely day xox


I'm very glad he is ok :) Lovely jewelry!!


Janet, what wonderful news! I'm glad to hear he saw such skilled physicians and that he will be fine.
Your new jewelry pieces are beautiful..just look at that beautiful glass pendant!
I was shopping late at Target was so nice to shop alone without the kids in tow (afterall, I need to shop for them!). :-)