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Merry Christmas!

At Christmastime I am reminded of my husbands home of Scotland how in winters icy grip out would come the snowdrops and how Majestic they were. The delicacy and beauty of them how can one not feel overjoyed when you see something like them?! They reminded me of summers princess lace the utter beauty of them.....Then came the daffodils which also at times came up in snow so very winter hardy. Do we have a Infinite Creator...ah yes we do.

Well I think if another two weeks could be added to Christmas the holidays that would be fine with me! Finally things are getting back to normal....husbands feeling better and today I finish getting my house clean. Hate a not clean house! Its warmed and it feels about 68 degrees here....I miss the really cold winds and icy chill! Maybe it will come back!

I am Wishing all of you a very lovely Christmas and Blessed new year!