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A tithe for the fae

Well I just announced that I was taking a break from Jewellery making
and then I made this piece! How can one stay away from their passions the things they love? They cant just plain and simple. As my wire wrapping is rusty it took a while to make this. But all beginnings are good beginnings. So without further ado here is "A Tithe for the Fae" as Ive titled it for the November Art Bead Scene. No more stuffy designs. I feel like Ive had a breakthru and thank goodness for those!
Here is a Mary Harding focal, Gaea ceramic rounds, some lampwork, brass chains and a green Girl Studio bird. Isn't life grand!


That is just lovely! Keep up the good work!


Wow what a nice new look to your blog! Classy ;)