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Dear Today and the Secrets it unfolds....

Right now I'm listing (a bit early I know lol) to some on-line Christmas came in my e-mail so I figd why not? So here I am and just finished my coffee. There are still warm days here and the other night I wore sandals to the store. I am such a old fashioned person when its November I want it cold, I want to wear sweaters! It is chilly this morning. I sure miss Virginia and all its coldness and stark beauty. But I am here and we must soldier on. So many people lost jobs and my man has a great bloom I must were planted.

Ive lived in rural Virginia for so many years as my Father had a farm there, a big stocked pond oh those were the days. Sadly he came down with a very rare form of cancer and he couldn't keep up with it. I remember frosty mornings and the cold Mt air with the Mt's always to greet me as they were on all sides of his house. He was not isolated tho as you could see the sprinkling of some houses here and there. The horse was always waiting to be fed. There were vineyards below it was very beautiful like a patchwork. The farmer across the way put fathers hay up and it always was a fun time. Country life has a richness and Id loved to of even put up Maple syrup but we never had those trees! He owned 50 acres.. fields a stream pond and mountainside. That was a gift a legacy he gave my children too to carry on the savor like your hot choc late. (inserts smile here) My child Kibbie always said "Grandpas so rich" it was nice and I felt pride with that lol. Going to town was a treat, something special. I liked being separated a bit from things...they weren't so in your face (like Houston). You went to things when you wanted or needed to. You made the choice and in that choice you bc stronger...empowered. The stillness the birds cold air the dried flowers everything seeps into you. Its a beautiful life in ruralness. Maybe you wont feel all of that But I think you will.

I am enjoying Cynthia's Thornton's book "Enchanted Adornmens" book!. How generous she was to have given so much spilling over. Hopefully I can do somethings.(Later how I don't like that word. My family's here and taken all of the rooms. When I get annoyed tho I am thankful I have them all again for I know a short time and it is already like a cherished memory them being here. One last song of being a Mom.) I see how shes described to make a mold and everything. I hope she does very well in selling her book, but I'm sure she will.

I am not really a morning person but have come to appreciate it the earlier it seems the more lovely the time is! Untold secrets linger in the early morning shadows of "might what might unfold today"! (I could almost go back to bed. But the day awaits and I must go drive up to Humble to take care of an urgent matter.) So with that I wish you a good feeling day and the beauty of stillness!


I think we carry in our hearts these places and people... forever.