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This book will Exceed your expectations!

I love to make Jewellery and don't spend as much money on it as I really need to! Here is a new book by Cynthia Thornton an amazing multi-media artist. Cynthia and her husband Greg Ogden of Green girl studios have created a line of wonderful pewter focals for jewellery! Their work is featured in many magazines and books. Every time one turns around there work pops up around the world, even the lead singer of the Rock band Aerosmith has been seen with some of Cynthia's focals adorning his apparel. This is Cynthia's first book "Enchanted Adornments Creating Mixed-Media jewelry with Metal, clay, wire & more". The book will be out in November and you can pre-order now here! And this is the link to their facebook page: There are some Contests on the go as well. Check it out! I cant wait to get my copies!


And all the wee people and the pixie folk shouted with glee and danced the faerie dances with great gusto because Cynthia Thornton had brought them alive again! People were starting to forget about them...and she came and brought the stardust back!


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