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Memorial Day and pondering

Yesterday was Memorial day, we had a great time my family and I cooking out in the green flowery garden. Back in my teenage years we always went to Jones beach for swimming then home to a big cookout and going over to my Cousins. But last night I felt a bit sad for all the people who have died for their freedoms and the freedoms of others. People even hundreds of years ago too crossed my mind. If you lived in Britain there were forever marauding peoples ready to steal your food, pillage and rape. All died for the same reasons for safety and their values.

On a lighter note this is what I have strung today. The lovely pewter toggle bird clasp is handmade by Green girl Studios. I cant wait to wear it! I need to tailor my wardrobe around my handmade jewellery! Bird was born in the flame!

Have a lovely evening all!



Nicely done! I like how you've used the silver bird toggle. It's one of my favorites to work with!


Thanks Andrew! Awww and some Gaea beads in there too!


I am in love with the lampworked bird! Do you mind saying who made it?