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The Texas Renaissance festival is here again..

The Texas Renaissance festival is here once again October 11th to November 30th 9 AM to dusk right outside the small town of Magnolia. I think we shall go to the Highland segment as husband is from Scotland. I think tho it will make him sad when we go bc Scotland is so old~worldy every place you go and incredably beautiful. I am surprised tho he has not lately said lets go home! Who knows what is ahead?! Anyway off to do things as it is past lunchtime and I have spoken to my Mum~in~law today besides that Ive done nothing else for shame!
Have a lovely day to all who stumble upon my blog!


Oh! Looks exciting! I just got back from Faerie Con. As I heard it, there's some cross over as to the people attending the events. Strange to think that you've probably met some of the same people that I just met. Isn't weird to think about all the little connections we have with one another that we don't even realize?