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My Mother used to work in a Haunted house...

In the Sun~shiny days when my Father was still alive my family all of us lived in Summerville SC. It was such a sleepy town with large oak trees and moss hanging down from them. The trees lined many of the streets in the beautiful older home section of the town. Unfortunately my Fathers gone and my parents moved to Charlottesville Virginia another pretty place at least.

My Mother had obtained part time work as a tour guide at beautiful Middleton Place in Charleston. This is no long story but my Mom used to close up, and everyone had left the office. Mom had the keys to lock up. Strange about haunting's but I do believe there are Spirits and that they do roam. One evening she was finishing up and heard foot steps, someone walking upstairs. Now she knew everyone had gone but called up the stairs anyway, but of course No answer! Another time she smelled pipe smoke. She did not like to be there any longer than she had to, got out quickly and went home! Some of the guides would joke as they had heard some things too and would say it was Arthur Middleton roaming. Scary!
Middleton Place today:
MIDDLETON PLACE is a National Historic Landmark and a carefully preserved 18th-century plantation that has survived revolution, Civil War, and earthquake. It was the home of four important generations of Middleton's, beginning with Henry Middleton, President of the First Continental Congress; Arthur, a signer of the Declaration of Independence; Henry, Governor of South Carolina and an American Minister to Russia; and Williams, a signer of the Ordinance of Secession.
The House Museum, built by Henry Middleton in 1755 as a gentleman's guest quarters, is the only surviving portion of the three-building residential complex that once stood overlooking the Ashley River. The House contains one of the finest collections of family-owned artifacts. Expect to see Middleton family furniture, paintings, books and documents dating from the 1740s through the 1880s. Guided tours of the house introduce visitors to the men, women and children who made Middleton Place their home for over two centuries.

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