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I remember so many of your beautiful bead posts, from when I first started following you, Janet.


Yup that's your bead I'm beaming with pride!!! Start wherever you are comfortable - everyone has their own path. I am so sorry you have had such a lousy few months - hopefully Spring gives you a break! XOXO


How exciting to be featured in a magazine!
I'm dealing with my own depression and I know how hard it is to get going. I'm not one who can create when depressed. I know the cloud will lift eventually, but in the mean time I take it one day at a time.
I hope you're feeling good again soon.


Dear Janet--I knew you could do it!
I am promoting you on Wednesday of this week, please come to my blog that day!
all love, jean


Wow, congrats! Really nice work and fun!


Recently I heard about one bead i.e. Rudraksh (prayer Beads) could you explain me or tell me something about it.