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I was Thankful! And still am..

We had such a Wonderful day yesterday!

My Christmas~Thanksgiving Cactus bloomed just in time..

Here was the table in all its finery..

And my two Sons sat at the bar...didn't want to open out the I said well ok.
We had a great time but I don't think the turkey was completely thawed..never done that before. So it took longer but the meal was wonderful with all the fixins!

My Daughter and I went out this early this morning to Half Priced books @ 7:15. The store opened @ 7. But all the bags with the vouchers for $5 off were gone all 100 gone. Some people had 5 of them on their arm. *Shakes head at that. But we still got the 20% off that only lasted a few hours so a yey on that! Now out to fetch my Grandson and go shopping for his Christmas...

What are You doing today?

Have a great day..


The Lord is soooo good!


A good article Thank you!


Your table looked beautiful - I'm glad you had a wonderful time! We went to Denver & also had a great Thanksgiving! :)
Wishing you a lovely weekend, Janet!
~ Zuzu