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No Jewellery today... but the passing of a dear little Owlet

An Owlets passing..

This picture by artist John Atkinson of "Owlets in the Sky"
for the owners of the owl box Carlos and Donna Royal.
Lovely isnt it?

Its probably not new news of the Owls Molly and McGee of San Marcos California.
The live Owl box on USTREAM. But I'm saddened that the 3rd owlet born out of the
4 has passed. Pretty exciting as I saw one of the owlets born live!
Kelly died in the wee hours of the morning last night. To avoid predators
she was consumed by Molly.


This is Molly yesterday with her owlets from my screen shot.
At least the weather in San Marcos
is not as scorching as the rest of the country
in the man made built box..

This is the last Owlet the 4th that was born her name is Jody.
Look at that Mother Molly helping..

I believe the Lord has all of His creatures covered
and she is now in the arms of Love..


Aw more little babies. They looked HOT when I peeked in there a bit ago.

Nice that there is another owl cam thing going. I know you enjoy those little guys.


:( That is so sad! Poor little thing!


Thank you guys. Its real hard to watch them now because the littlest is so very little next to the bigger two. She (Jody) really struggles to get in next to the Mom for the food. Its unbelieveable the way its pandemonium at feeding time. I worry so for little Jody and have asked the Lord to please see that she will live too and be ok.