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Some Etsy items finally and am I the Only one?

Here are two necklaces in my shop. Ive used some of Mary Ann Carols nice ceramics on the very top above wire wrapped necklace...intertwined with some lampwork , rondells Green Girl focals, swarovski crystals and some wonderful hand dyed ribbons. This next necklace is lovely with alot od brass, lampwork and Mary Hardings beautiful focal. I dont know what we would do without talented artisans who create these fantastic ceramics.

* Am I the Only One?

Does anyone else suffer with taking pictures and the whole process?

It takes me forever to:

1 Take pictures. (then find that the cat jumped up and I did not see the hair in the picture...then I want to scream) This happened last night and today. *sigh* It seems like I haven't gotten much done today. No I haven't.

2 Load them. Find them and edit them.

3. Re do them.

Does it take you long am I the Only one? It is frustrating and very tiring. I was up till 1 last night and still was taking pictures today. *sigh*

Finally Ive got some jewellery made to sell. Ive been keeping it or giving it away. Now at least Ive got some things in my Singingwoods shop! YeY bc this has taken some time. So I'm tired now wouldn't I be lucky if I had a husband that cooked... So I'd better get off to that shortly...but my backs hurting now oh how Id like a good lie down.

I'm wondering what the weathers like North of us as the TV speaks of snow snow snow!

Well I hope you have a great Relaxing evening!


I think those are some of my favorite pieces of yours.

It takes time, sometimes. You get use to it :) Wear your glasses next time!


LOL....Ive been there! It definitely gets easier after LOTS and LOTS of practice. Also, I don't obsess over perfect pics like I did a year ago when I first started selling.....Great jewelry. Thanks for showing my beads :O) MaryAnn


Those are lovely (the top one is my favorite).

I take about 8 photos for some of my pieces, spend a lot of time in Photoshop. And even then, they don't always come out. So never fear, you're in good company.


Hi Janet
I totally here you about the picture-taking process! Here is is after midnight, and I have a bunch of pictures I need to edit still! Oh your new necklaces are just gorgeous! Love the colors you used!