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It is so cold out!

I think Ive been away too long from the Mountain's of Virginia as I'm not so used to the blustery winds and cold were having here now in Texas! But I'm enjoying it alot nevertheless. I feel tho for the rest of the country as there are record Snowfalls all across the USA. So in essence being this far south we are spared. The most loss I think I might have is my Lemon tree and some Hibiscus. I have wrapped them tho. My Mum~in~law in Scotland said today as we spoke on the phone they are having record snowfalls as well. In her backyard the snow is up to her waist!

So tonite will bring a big chicken soup Ill have to start soon...maybe some homemade bread too?

Here's a Wintery necklace Ive made for the Art bead Scene monthly challenge. In the late 1860s Monet painted a picture of a mag~pie in a very cold Wintery scene. Thus the challenge is to create a piece inspired by Monet's painting.

Ive called this Snowbirds. Ive used a Green Girl Studios pendant and various lampworked beads. See the little acorn? Toggle handmade by self.

Stay warm everyone! I'm pretty darn happy Ive got an electric blanket for tonite as it will get even colder....


I may not be too close to the mountains of VA, but here in NoVA, it's been really cold too! Your necklace is just so really caught my eye the moment I saw it! I love the elements you chose - it really does evoke a feeling. Your soup sounds delicious! :-)


Words so sweet you made my morning! I never made the soup bc the chicken disappeared out of the
But tonite hotdog casserole to the rescue!


Greetings Janet! Thanks for stopping by Treasures Found. I hope you will come back.
I did just see this piece on ABS. I love it! I just finished my entry last night...way ahead of the last day of the month as is usual for me! In fact I have two pieces, but I still need some sort of art bead for the first one that I coincidentally made and it matched perfectly! I have to find some daylight to take some pics and then I will attempt to upload them. I love your blog background. So pretty!
Enjoy the day! Erin


Which mountains in VA? I grew up in Roanoke, which is surrounded by mountains!

I love your jewelry -- the texture and color is terrific!


Thank you Cindy! Cindy I believe is as sweet as her beads!

Tesori Im really looking to see what you made! Ive seen some of your work and it is really lovely!

Hi Lori my father had a beautiful farm in Nelson County in Lovingston which is btw Lynchberg and Charlottesville. My bro and my Mother are in Cville. I sure miss the area with all the vineyards and overwelming beauty. But No work! Virginias like set back in time lol.


Thats a wintery necklace very good!


CUTE NECKLACE! i love it!


I just love this necklace! The cold obviously inspired you...the texture and color are wonderful!