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Im so broke right now but got Blessed!

I'm so broke and monied out right now I hate it and have obligations! I cannot wait to be paid.
But today I was so Blessed. My man took me out to Harbour freight a goodly hardware store and bought me a wonderful Anvil and a vice grip plus a good hammer! Is this girl Happy? You betcha. I didn't know if I should get the Anvil or the vice grip which has a plate on to hammer on but he said ahhh get both. I was well ok, so he paid the bill and I was chuffed. Ive had brass for months now and its time to pull it out and see what we shall see in a design or two. Slowly crawling I guess. Next a *proper* work space solid oak of some sort. how about a different house with a separate work shop away from the house on 4 acres? Who knows? Its way crowded in Houston and alot of crime, 5 shootings nearby in this *good* area with in this year. Why oh why are their so many clowns around. Live peacefully and keep their greedy hands to their selves? Anyway maybe well move wanted to go back to Virginia until the country went bust and thousands of layoffs. Maybe will move to the countryside here.
Anyway I'm really happy over this! I really rejoice in good things that come my way. And I thank my Lord for it too.

Have a grand weekend!


My anvil looks like the tiny baby anvil to your BIG anvil. I dream of a space one day when I can hammer on things without worrying if my upstairs or downstairs neighbors can hear it.


The baby anvil was there and I was happy to see it as Id seen it online. But when I saw this other one I was ohhhh in love. Do you have a backyard? You can hammer there? My Grandparents in Bayridge...everyone had alittle small backyard.