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Talk about strange global Weather

This is the town (directly above) of Limone Piemonte a town in Piemonte, Italy. The roofs are covered with an exceptional snowcover which has fallen in the last two days. If you focus the little men on the roof you can easily realize that the roofs are covered with a layer more than 2 metres high! That's something more usual in Finland than Italy.
Meanwhile Venice is flooding like never before...
Venice is one of the most scpectacular place you could ever see in your life. No words could ever describe the charm of this city built on the water, so the best thing you can do is see it with your own eyes.Right now, however, Venice is a really problematic destination because it's more "underwater" than "above the water" due to the phenomenon of " Acqua Alta""Acqua Alta" (litterally means High Water in Italian) is a phenomenon that regularly occurs in the city of Venice, Italy, most commonly during high and spring tide. It involves the flooding of the most low-lying areas of Venice, or, in more severe cases, up to 96% of the City. By official definition, acqua alta occurs when water is higher than 90mm (3.54 inches) above normal tide.The news is that the Acqua Alta is at a record level, never reached in the last thirty years: One metre and sixty centimetres. A level that could create some problems even to the most used citizens and obviously is astonishing the tourists. See pics above of the flooding.